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By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

So, was the Pull-Up used? Or did the kid just stuff things into it? Regardless, sounds like someone needs to stop putting valuables within reach (as in the wedding band and coins). As for the other things, time to start teaching him what he should and shouldn't be doing and putting in his mouth.

By  leximichelle  |  13

Sounds more like the kid has been shoving objects directly into his/her pull up, and not eating everything as people keep assuming (Hot Wheels are too big for an adult to swallow, people). Regardless, YDI for not keeping a closer eye on your child and keeping choking hazards away from a child who is clearly unattended for stretches of time.
I sincerely hope you use this as a wake up call to be more careful about keeping your child safe before something terrible happens.