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someone needs a spanking.
first time of doing wrong deserves a lecture.
second time deserves a spanking.
if you dont then she will grow up and tag walls and the cops will beat her.
your choice
either you beat her or the feds
( I have wild scenarios )

  starile  |  19

She was also singing the Robot Unicorn Attack theme song and smashing into glass doors to make her dreams come true. This kind of behavior should only be encouraged.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

By the "Ed", I'm guessing OP's a man.

If there's a mom in the picture, maybe she was watching her.. In which case she really needs to try to keep up with the kid, and keep the art supplies away. She's not Tommy Pickles, high shelves means out of reach for most kids.

If they both work, OP needs a better sitter.. This one obviously didn't keep an eye on her at all times.. Or got annoyed and gave her the stuff to get her off her back.

Either way, OP, you kinda deserve it for letting it happen again.