By Ed - 05/12/2010 13:53 - United States

Today, I came home from work to find my five year old daughter drawing unicorns on the wall. The same wall that I had to repaint last week because it had puppies on it. FML
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bishhitsandii 3

Who was supposed to be watching her? It's their fault.

At least your walls are pretty now?


At least your walls are pretty now?

do something about it.

YDI for having walls.

Lock it up before you leave.

iTaylor 0

don't discourage her! she's a Picasso in the making!!!

iTaylor 0

#14 lock up what? the walls??

14 means lock up the kid. he should go die(14)

7, that's actually funny. 21, good call --> "Like" 1,000 times!

ydi for not liking cinnamon buns

Muhaidib, I'm sure Taylor's loins ache for you after that comment. Your Vaseline and sock are over in the corner.

syddyb 0

This is one of the funniest FMLs I've seen!(:

zkchild 0

Don't kill the kids creativity, the world will do it for you when she gets older.

unicorns are friggin awesome I don't see how this is an fml

Macromartyr 3

No one has said this yet, why is the five year old home alone? Babysitter??

MermaidSongXOXO 6

MercyFML? Long time, no stalk :)

YDI bc u should have waited till ur kid grew out of the drawing on wall stage to paint it

planbsponserme 2

someone needs a spanking. first time of doing wrong deserves a lecture. second time deserves a spanking. if you dont then she will grow up and tag walls and the cops will beat her. your choice either you beat her or the feds ( I have wild scenarios )

C94Slim 7

Who's that Pokemon?!.….It's, Gengar!!!! yaayyyyy for pokemon

mz_booty 0

she could make u millions

rkcraig53 0

Some people should NEVER have kids.

justynicole 0

I suggest chalkboard walls?

bigphill1333 0

haha slap that child!

She was also singing the Robot Unicorn Attack theme song and smashing into glass doors to make her dreams come true. This kind of behavior should only be encouraged.



noooo thats not nice

i hope you go to jail, nuff saif

#186 I hope you eat shit and die, 'nuff said.

Mjfalcon 8

Pwned. have fun re-re-painting lol

Ydi for "erasing" the first painting!

bishhitsandii 3

Who was supposed to be watching her? It's their fault.

dudeitsdanny 9

By the "Ed", I'm guessing OP's a man. If there's a mom in the picture, maybe she was watching her.. In which case she really needs to try to keep up with the kid, and keep the art supplies away. She's not Tommy Pickles, high shelves means out of reach for most kids. If they both work, OP needs a better sitter.. This one obviously didn't keep an eye on her at all times.. Or got annoyed and gave her the stuff to get her off her back. Either way, OP, you kinda deserve it for letting it happen again.

omg, dude, it's danny! lol

Danny you're dead on. YDI poster. I almost never say that lol.

A relevant Rugrats reference is always worth a thumbs up.

SuperNinjaa 0

put paper on the wall for her to draw on. dont give her any more markers or crayon or color pencils until she learns her lesson just... idk WATCH HER

YDI for not teaching your kid any better -- AND for not supervising her.

she was working. how was she supposed to be watching her?

404wan 19

If you go to work and leave a 5 year old alone at home all day thats fucked up parenting. Get a sitter.

Leave her or him with a babysitter than

OP you should try out the Arm&Hammer Magic Eraser it might just work without having to repaint the walls :)

Why did you leave your 5 year old at home unsupervised? YDI

flipflipflipidel 0

paint the walls with her blood

But blood changes colour when it dries...

xFalzz 0

YDI for letting your young child be alone with coloring tools. Should have known it might have happened again.