By thatonekid - United States

It's better than nothing, I suppose

Today, my dad texted me, "I love u." I replied, "I love you too dad... are you drunk?" He answers back, "Of course I am..." My dad only tells me he loves me when he's drunk. FML
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  Vagitarian1  |  10

When people are drunk, they lose their inhibitions. This causes them to do and say things they normally repress. I would say your father truly loves you. He just has a hard time saying it when he's sober for whatever reason.

By  ManganeseDream  |  0

Doesn't mean he doesn't love you just because he has to get drunk/high to express his feelings.

And shame on you for acting like a bitch to your dad about a little alcohol.

...unless he's a total alcy fuckup, then FYL.

By  DanceRox9008  |  0

haha this is like that 70s show when red tells eric he loves him, just because hes high on meds making him loopy. LOL this is so funny. and its not really an FML though because you know he does love you at least!