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  ydi_4_suking  |  20

76 its not 75 cents anymore. its like 2 dollars for the wash and like a dollar to dry them. and the detergent is 1 dollar. and that is only for you to use on one load


Wash your own damn clothes. And yeah, the laundromat is expensive, but if you washed your clothes in the first place, you wouldn't have this problem. I'm almost wondering if OP's mom did this to send a hint... either OP should wash their own clothes, or give their mom a few bucks to wash them.

  twittom  |  0

the cost of the amount of febreeze you use to do a load equivalent is more than the cost of power water and detergent, so this isn't saving money at all

  BABTcakes  |  0

its alrights to wear it two or three times.. depending on what you wear it for.. but you still have to wash it eventually.. && if there's stains you got to clean it no matter what..

  Felipeg33  |  0

laundry isn't essential unless your shirt has the aforementioned conditions. it's a way to save money as well. Also, most people don't do their work in their dorms anyways. it's not about being lazy!