By dirtyclothess - 02/05/2011 00:01

Today, my mom informed me that she doesn't wash my clothes anymore. Instead, she sprays them with Febreze to "save money". FML
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Ever heard of washing your own clothes?

Sounds like it's now time to do your own laundry, kiddo. :)


KennKenn 0

Well, if she's been doing that for a while without you noticing. Must be a new way to "clean" clothes.

staceysgenesis16 0

eww , thats kinda gross .. although it is true if u havnt noticed then she must be doing a good job :D

HannahMarshall 6

febreeze mixed with funk..

maybe you could wash them yourself

I never really liked febreeze it tends to give me headaches. OP just get 75 cents and wash them at those laundromat things..

76 its not 75 cents anymore. its like 2 dollars for the wash and like a dollar to dry them. and the detergent is 1 dollar. and that is only for you to use on one load

Iknoweverything 29

Wash your own damn clothes. And yeah, the laundromat is expensive, but if you washed your clothes in the first place, you wouldn't have this problem. I'm almost wondering if OP's mom did this to send a hint... either OP should wash their own clothes, or give their mom a few bucks to wash them.

I only made a negative vote cuz of that disgusting monster in ur pic

well not the user... I mean there's s vote with -17 votes and I was thinking 'wat could be do bad about this comment?'. Nothing. but the picture made me shriek

he's a big boy now:)

well time to grow up and do it urself peter pan

hey I do that too. cheer up buttercup

andres19 0

guess I'll do that as well cuz god knows being broke sucks

twittom 0

the cost of the amount of febreeze you use to do a load equivalent is more than the cost of power water and detergent, so this isn't saving money at all

wow I'm truly amazed. how do you know this?

I don't clean my clothes much anyways. It's not that bad. At least they smell nice, too.

is that Beyond Birthday by any chance?

Yes, yes it is. Why?

it's beyond my birthday

I was just curious :3 fellow Death Note fan

perradize 0

YDI because how could you not know? I guess you thought that Pepsi stain from last week was just your imagination playing tricks on you! You're nasty OP! :(

murphdarkly 13

you fat and stupid she didn't do it her mother did

I enjoy reading this comment out loud with a black girl's accent

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borkchop1992 15

i febreeze my butthole

staceysgenesis16 0

oh really ? and how is that working out for you and your anus ?

borkchop1992 15

its quite rather phresh

staceysgenesis16 0

oh really ?? hmm .. thats nice .. i would say id try it but .. no .. im not even going to attempt ..

Felipeg33 0

yum lol

Heather_x0x0 6

do you at least wipe before you febreeze? it doesn't take stains out ya know...LOL

borkchop1992 15

oh but you should

staceysgenesis16 0

i shud ?? for what good reason sir ?? O.o

borkchop1992 15

so that you can post it on youtube and get a web redemption from tosh.0

If you febreeze it enough ,eventually you won't need it when use the restroom.

That's pretty damn hilarious.

lmao this whole thread is freaking hilarious!

overthelimit 3

6: i febreze my butthole too, how come it still smells like total ass?

Sounds like it's now time to do your own laundry, kiddo. :)

Febreeze, smells fresh but really isn't!

Ever heard of washing your own clothes?

BahahahLOL 0

Me neither. Wtf is #9 talking about?

washing your clothes....? is this some kind of joke!? am I being prank'd?

Apparently people don't wash their own clothes these days.

Why would anyone ever wash their clothes?

Has FML become a giant 1UP virgin convention?

comepoopwithme 0

nice going #53 you broke the chain!

Yes wash ur own clothes

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Felipeg33 0

in college, if it smells decent and does not have any stains-- it's clean. period. we don't have time for "laundry."

staceysgenesis16 0

hmm .. well i wouldnt kno so i wont judge ! ahaha

Felipeg33 0

you'll find out soon enough then lol

Predental 5

depends on your definition of decent. my room mates ALL smell like shit

its alrights to wear it two or three times.. depending on what you wear it for.. but you still have to wash it eventually.. && if there's stains you got to clean it no matter what..

You have plenty of time if you don't get drunk every night and don't overload yourself with classes.

are you joking me? do your studies while your waiting for the laundry, seriously how lazy will people get?

Felipeg33 0

laundry isn't essential unless your shirt has the aforementioned conditions. it's a way to save money as well. Also, most people don't do their work in their dorms anyways. it's not about being lazy!

do your own laundry.