By Spockx - New Zealand - Hamilton
Today, my girlfriend told me she was over her addiction and wished to quit cold turkey. I cancelled all my plans to stay home and support her. She didn't mean her tobacco addiction, no no. Her corn chip addiction. FML
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By  Dalliance  |  4

Even if she was quitting tobacco, would she really need THAT much support? For you to stay home?


Your poor girlfriend. She's addicted to tobacco as well as corn chips? Makes you wonder if that's all she's addicted to. Who knows? She could even be addicted to you. Ha ha! By the way, no, we smokers don't flip the fuck out if we go an hour without smoking. At least, I don't.

  chellyX92  |  8

I remember my mom went a day with out ciggs. So while she was making breakfast she was in a bad mood so I politely asked what was wrong. She said she was out of cigarettes so I once again politely suggested to buy some more. She grabbed a spatula and threw it at me. I was only like 7. Now I laugh about it but addiction can be scary lol.

  cassbird09  |  12

Every one is different though. While some people can go ages without a smoke once they quit it can be harder to bridge that gap. Mainly because in your mind you know you can't have one, whereas before you knew you could whenever/when your shift ended. Etc.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

My uncle who was always a corn chip eater recently had to have his tongue cut out. The salt on the corn chips took all the moister out of his mouth. Now I live a corn chip free life, and I hope you will too.