By ItGirl - 09/11/2014 02:36 - Sweden - Eskilstuna

Today, my dad got so drunk that he forgot my name. He started calling me "It". FML
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ThomasBombadil 31

Didn't The Addams Family have a member called "It"? Start calling your father "Gomez" or better yet "Uncle Fester".

I wanted to make reference to the clown, but then I realized, I am in no way that witty... so nevermind


cadillacgal79 32

Hey, when my dad gets drunk he makes life speeches.

Well if you add a "s" to the beginning and a "t" to the end then you have your dads last name, first name pieceof.

Yea didn't think that through. Early morning fail . "Sh" was more accurate I believe. Fail! Thanks for correcting me. Can I blame IT on the alcohol ?

hi I'm Mr Bob Gray but my friends call me Pennywise the dancing clown

JocelynKaulitz 28

This is when OP's supposed to correct him and tell him that his name is Pennywise.

well that is rather unfortunate.... should've slapped him maybe he'd remember at that point LOL

See that would be a really bad idea because from what I can get from OP's username, they're a girl. I'm guessing that hitting him would make him more upset, killing her and the rest of the family. This would probably be enough for a predator missile, if they live in a populated area the predator missile would probably get enough kills for a nuke, killing us all and ending the game.

it's called a joke... smh people take everything so serious these days.

RedPillSucks 31

It's always a joke until the whole planet gets nuked.

How was he still talking if he was that drunk he didn't know your name

Alcohol makes you mute? Makes any argument against weed seem pretty miniscule. (JKJK)

Look on the bright side..there are songs written about you (;

I wanted to make reference to the clown, but then I realized, I am in no way that witty... so nevermind

If you did, I probably would not have noticed it. I would have just read passed it and not been penny the wiser.

RusticChick 27

I'd get the "It" clown mask and scare the shit out of him when he sobers up. See if he remembers then. Lol

PresidentNorth 16

I own the actual mask of pennywise. This mask will scar unsuspecting people. Took a selfie driving in traffic on Halloween after I made a couple of random girls cry in the car next to me. I regret nothing.

I would have paid to see that lol that give me ideas >:)

tony1891 22

should put on a clown costume and scare the living daylights out of him now.