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Today, I came home to find my dad crying. Turns out my parents are getting divorced because my mom had an affair. With a teacher at my school. A female teacher. And the school isn't going to fire her because she's a good teacher. Every day at school I'm going to have to see her. FML
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Why should the school board fire her? It's the teacher's private life and she's not having an affair with one of the students, so why should it be a problem at school? It's gonna be awkward for you and I understand that you must be really upset about it, but you not liking her shouldn't be a reason for her to lose her job.


Sounds hot. Maybe you can parlay that into an easy "A"?

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why would they fire the teacher?

Yeah, I don't think it's the school's concern who the teacher is screwing so long as it isn't kids. That's sad, honey. But maybe it's for the best?

that's kinda true, she wasn't with a student.

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well they can't fire her for having sex what she does is her buisness as long as it's not with a student or outside school

I agree. While I'll admit your situation sucks, why would they fire the teacher for having sex, whether it be an affair or not? I can see why your future lessons would be awkward so I suggest asking to switch teachers. But, I'm sorry about the affair and divorce. Good luck, OP and FYL.

OP? why should they fire her? it's not like she did something against the law?

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Some schools fire teachers for being gay, is this what OP means by not being fired? This happened to Mr. Garrison on South Park with being gay and they fired him ...

247, you do realize that South Park is just a cartoon, right? Even though some schools may have fired teachers for being gay (which is wrong!), perhaps using a cartoon is not the best way to back up your comment; pick a real life experience to compare it to.

If your mom is a lesbian she shouldn't have to be with a guy it's sad but fyl can't explain this

that really sucks o well maybe the teacher will give yoy bous grades now if she stays with your mom lol

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I dont find that to harsh other than having to see that teacher. i mean sure your mom with a female may seem weird to you but after a day in chicago itll seem normal.

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and if your still weirded out think she might not be a les because she was with your dad leaves the possibilty of bisexuality

wow that's rough sorry to hear. I'd try to change my teachers some how.

I would change schools then shoot both the bitches :3

Yeahh why dont you go shoot your mom instead tell us how that goes

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Oh yah, TOTALLY less awkward.

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yeah op you should probably watch the southpark scissoring episode a few time to cheer yourself up

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you guys are all douche bags. I mean honestly where's your sympathy

I've found alot of people on the Internet have no sympathy, but to each their own.

Omg, that definitely sucks :( FYL. I'm sorry :(

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I don't think he wanted his wife to leave him regardless of the circumstances, hence the reason why he was crying.

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Why would your wife or girlfriend leaving you for another woman be preferable to another man? I don't understand why some men find this scenario nonthreatening just because it doesn't involve another penis. The sex is most definitely likely better with another woman, you can feel insecure about that.

Hm. I think both the original commenter and Elara have a good point. I'm a woman, but I feel like if my husband left me for another man I'd be less threatened than if he left me for another woman. I would constantly compare myself to her, find myself lacking, and wonder about the qualities that drew him away from me and toward her. However, if he left me for another man it wouldn't be quite the same. There's no way that I could compete with another penis. Not that it would be any less heartbreaking, but... I don't know.

#17 I would and I’m sure a lot of other straight guys would agree with me that it’s easier to accept a girlfriend or a wife leaving you for another female than for another male. My reasons, 1. I would feel a lot less worst knowing she left me for something new, and not necessarily because I wasn’t a good enough man. 2. We’re assuming that OP’s mom left her dad for another girl and not that the dad left his wife. If not, then if I were OP’s dad this would have played into the typical 3 sum fantasy of FMF, all that’s left is to get the teacher on board with the idea. 3. Regarding your “The sex is most definitely likely better with another woman” statement; it’s not that it’s better, it’s just different. I highly doubt the other woman is out sexing my wife with her penis better than I could. Personally if my girlfriend wanted to hook up with another girl, I would be ok with it just as long as 1. she’s not leaving me for her and 2. She puts in a good word for me ;)

There's a difference between your girlfriend asking if she can experiment and her cheating on you

You don't get it. The sex is better! Why? Women don't NEED your penis! It's not that sex is different without the's BETTER without the penis. Your wife or gf has sex with you because she loves you and enjoys the closeness, but rest assured, she has better orgasms when she pleasures herself.

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Thanks, Sika! That was actually the point I was hinting at. Most women don't have vaginal orgasms, they come when their man uses his mouth or fingers. When the majority of women experience some sort of sexual dysfunction, you know it's because they keep trying to convince themselves the old in-and-out is all they really need. I'm not saying they should go out and find a female sexual partner, but any man who assumes his penis is preferable to the variety of sensations given by fingers (and a partner with firsthand knowledge of the anatomy) is waaaaaaaaaay off base.

"It's not that sex is different without the's BETTER without the penis." Then it is different you tard.

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Ha Totally agree.. think about it the guy should have been like hmmm 3 some and one is actually playing an authentic teacher.. damn must have done something right. OP, hopefully your dad takes everything from you mom... court settlement if no felacio. Im sure your moms new gf will feel bad for you and give you good grades for your home front situation so you win out as well. So the only one gettin it is your mom who is a cheating *****... Cheating is wrong regardless. 66 you obviously never got it good!

This artificial sperm thing could pose a huge problem them. If having sex with guys isn't actually pleasurable, then that means that women would lose all use for men. Oh well, I'm glad I'm gay for once

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i agree with #44. I'd rather have my wife/girlfriend leave me for another women. 1) i know its not my fault shes just lesbian, 2) now i can have a 3some

#66 you make me lol, if you don’t like penises that much then do us a favor and don’t use ****** or any other penis based toys. #91 the point you’re trying to make is still invalid, unless men don’t have fingers and cease to having any knowledge of female anatomy that is. Just because you are female doesn’t make you more of an expert on female anatomy (females are not better at giving hand jobs just because they are female). Sadly, from my experience a lot of females tend to lack in knowledge when it comes to sex, many don’t even realize they have a ****** till their 12. The sexual dysfunction you speak of is due to the fact that most females don’t know how to get themselves off, or even what turns them on in the first place. It’s not because “they keep trying to convince themselves the old in-and-out is all they really need.” this along with the fact that most females views any form of sex as, gross, improper and disgusting. As you said some girls do get off vaginal penetration, which means the ones who haven’t, have yet to unlock that mental block. The only thing you have shown in your comments is that males have more of a potential for being a better sex partner for a female than another female would. (If that wasn’t obvious already) Unless you can give me a reason as to why a ****** is a better match for another ****** over a penis then I don’t see your point. The only reason any girl goes for another girl is because she has a pussy fetish.

#103 the artificial sperm thing, will eventually be countered by an artificial egg cell, why because our science has no boundaries (which is something I’m not fond of at all). Unless females unanimously decide to wipe out the entire male spices and replace us within the next 100 years then I don’t see the artificial sperm thing as much of a threat to us males. (Especially when there are still a lot of women on this planet with some sanity)

URG! You're missing the point. I love having sex with my husband. I get off every time. But honestly, that has almost nothing to do with his penis. My focus is what get's me off. But regardless of how mush I love the penis (and I do) the orgasms are still better when I do it alone.'re right that the thing that keeps women from ****** is their own guilt ridden complex. I get off because I am comfortable with myself. Oh, and BTW, I don't use ****** or any devises. I just use my fingers. We just want you guys to know that there is sex without the penis. It's generally easier for us, more focused and more intense. The only time when a penis and ****** need to fit together in a nice little package is for conception. And the man is the only one who needs to ******. The ******** is superfluous and stands alone quite well.

Well sika ill start by apologize for the first half of my earlier comment directed at you. I only made the comment because I assumed you were one of those pmsing lesbians who hate males just because there males but still uses ******. (My bad) Regardless of that, this does not prove sex is better without a penis, all this means is that you prefer fingering over vaginal intercourse. (which is something you need to get across to your husband and not to the rest of the male population) My girlfriend finds vaginal and ******** stimulation at the same time, better than either of us just trying to give her a hand job. Btw with conception the man isn’t the only one who needs to ******, your chance of conceiving dramatically increase if you ****** as well. Both sides need to do their part, it’s a team effort. (But I have to admit, a lot of the trouble could have been saved if the ******** was just located on the inside of the ****** instead.)

It'd say it's a pretty sweeping statement to say that sex is invariably better for women when they do it themselves or with other women. I can see the argument for doing by oneself, since you'd know exactly how you like it and what to do. The whole, "women share the same anatomy so they know each how to do it better," is just ridiculous, for a couple reasons. First off, much more so than men, what gets a particular woman off varies a lot from individual to individual. Second, men have all the tools for pleasuring a woman that women do +1. The big difference, is most men don't take an active role in figuring their partner out, and at least stereotypically, they lack the emotional intelligence to do so. On the other side of that, women are too often more than willing to lie and tell their partner than his **** is the best thing since ever, even when it's not, so the guy thinks he's doing awesome when he's in fact not. On the whole women also, being much more sensitive to others feelings and subtle responses, do better, but this is by no means necessarily or always the case. It just takes a little more effort on behalf of the parties involved. About ******, I've heard from many women that they're "just not the same" and once was told, "I don't know why you men are so intimidated by them." I tried getting some sex toys for my wife when I was leaving to teach English in Japan. We tried a number of them out, and she just didn't like any of them. Of course, in her case, she loves the feeling of my orgasming inside her, and no ***** is going to replace that. As for the difference that the penis makes, one example is IMO pretty black and white. My wife and I have a girlfriend as well. I've seen my wife eat out my girlfriend, and she enjoys that, but nothing ***** her brains out like when I'm ******* her vaginally while my wife eats her out at the same time. (You can have it both ways!! ZOMG!) Further more, I once over heard one of my mother's male gay friends complaining to her about how frustrating it is when his lesbian friends go to him asking for sex. To spell that out, lesbians, who are in wanting of a real ****, but don't really want to have sex with a man, are going to a gay man that they feel more comfortable with, for the ****. But this is all very irrelevant to the OP. The point is, the **** makes a difference, and it is irreplaceable. Women who think otherwise either are just that way (the small minority I would assume) or haven't had a properly sized/shaped/skilled dick.

It is not another Penis that is threatening. It is a Penis shoved up your ass that we homophobes find threatening. I don't like some of the things that have come OUT of my ass... I sure don't like the thought of shoving anything UP into it...

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That is such bullshit. It's not like the teacher did anything inappropriate like date a student, she just slept with someone. There is nothing wrong with that at all, the most OP could hope to do is change teachers. Also, don't jump on me with "YOU BE LYING BITCH" because I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it would be illegal to fire the teacher. But again, could be wrong.

Why should the school board fire her? It's the teacher's private life and she's not having an affair with one of the students, so why should it be a problem at school? It's gonna be awkward for you and I understand that you must be really upset about it, but you not liking her shouldn't be a reason for her to lose her job.

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Thats exactally what i thought. I mean, if it was a student, male or female she should and would be fired. But someones parent, I don't see why they would fire her. She can have her own social life(and sex life) with whichever adult she wants to. Its nothing to be fired over.

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agreed. unless your mom is a teacher too and they have a 'no fraternization between coworkers policy' or somethin like that, they really can't fire her. for starters they could get sued for discrimination, and two it's none of their business.

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It depends on the school, but in some you'd have a case to get her fired Bruce's it makes the leading environment for you UN-safe, and it's also could be considered inappropriate conduct, to have sexual relations with a students direct family

This is one weird school system, because every school system I know about has no qualms getting rid of anyone, no matter how stellar their performance. If the teacher is an out lesbian, it's probably not so much that they can't fire her because she's good, but because she's an out lesbian.

What the hell is wrong with you? You can't fire a teacher because someone had an affair with her. That's her private life. There's no grounds whatsoever for her to be fired.

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Well some school staff can't have relationships with other students or staff. Like if you're married, your husband can't be another staff member or like your brother or sister. Some schools have rules like that. Since she started a relationship with her mom then that's a no-no. Regardless of it being a lesbo kinda thing. Well.. .that's how I see it lol.

I'm a teacher and let me tell you...I can most certainly get fired for things I do in my private life. I don't think it's right and no one should loose their job over their love life, but it could happen. The school board doesn't even have to have proof if you're not tenured. If they even suspect that you are participating in anything illegal or inappropriate, you're out! And BTW adultery is illegal in the following states: Alabama Arizona Colorado Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana Kansas Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana North Carolina Oklahoma Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Utah Virginia Imagine if this were a male teacher sleeping with this girls mother. It would be much more likely that he would be fired. I agree though, that they are not firing her because they are afraid that she will sue them for firing her because she's gay.

I have never heard of any school having those kind of rules. And regardless, the teacher didn't have a relationship with a student or other staff member. There's no legal reason the teacher should be fired, and as far as I'm concerned, no moral reason either.

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They cant fire her because of her sexual orientation, but they should because of her bad morals. Teachers are supposed to set a good example for the students, and someone who breaks up a marriage is not a good role model. OP, if the school wont fire her, just make her life miserable. Tell everyone you know about the affair. I doubt the other parents will want her teaching their kids after they hear about it. Scratch up her car, slash her tires egg her house, etc. Have some fun! :D Heres a good idea- buy some mice from your local pet store, and release them into her house when you see an open window. (The bedroom or washroom would be the best place)

72 - OP is from Australia like me, and it's not illegal. You know the world doesn't revolve around your backward country? Also, the teacher didn't commit adultery. The wife did. It would be no different if the teacher the mother had left her husband for was a male.

78 - What you suggested is actually illegal. She didn't make the OPs mother fall in love with her. The mother was unhappy, and left her husband for someone else. It happens. And if you're not a selfish brat you accept that your mummy and daddy don't have to stay in an unhappy relationship just because you want them to. But yes, good suggestion. I'm sure everyone would be way happier if she got arrested for vandalizing the car, alienated her teacher and mothers and ruined her mothers relationship and happiness. VERY mature.

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Look at things through the OP's eyes. She's probably in middle/high school. Divorce is pretty traumatizing to children/teens, and I doubt she will ever forget this chapter of her life. If this happened to you, I don't think you'd want to even be in the same room as the teacher. The OP didn't say if the affair was a one time thing, or if it was serious. If it was a one time thing, the affair probably wont continue. If they were together for a while, it might not last either. Both the mom and the teacher would have feelings of guilt- to the husband and the OP. If they didn't feel remotely sorry, then they aren't human. I wasn't telling the OP do break the law, I was suggesting ways to relieve stress, that I've seen other people do. People get their car's keyed isn't uncommon. As for alienating the teacher, I'd say she deserves it.

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one, a lot of people probably make false claims about where they are from. I mean hell, look at how many people are from the United Arab Emirates (although it is probable she is from Australia) two, the teacher did have an affair, not just the works both ways three, as far as firing goes, that depends on whatever rules the school follows. If a male or female teacher would be fired for doing the same thing with someone of the opposite sex, then she should be too...either way both women involved are skanky/ very selfish. Think about the other people you hurt before you mess around (especially if you are married with a kid); and if the husband doesnt do it, buy a vibrator

Just because it isn't uncommon doesn't make it right. You are still destroying property someone else paid for, and if the OP does so, I hope she gets caught and arrested for it.

Adultery being illegal is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I'm glad I don't live in America. I'm not saying I in ANY way condone adultery, but how could you possibly prosecute someone for having an affair? That's a totally non-legal issue, and one that should never be handled by the courts. Adultery is a personal issue, and should have no bearing on legal matters apart from in the case of divorce/custody cases. If you can be fired for things that happen in your private life that don't affect anyone else, it's unlawful termination. But that's not what this is. The teacher is having a romantic relationship with a student's mum. I'm not positive, but that sounds like something that's against school policy. Then again, our shcool doesn't have the "no dating other staff" rule that someone mentioned. There are a few teachers who are married to other teachers at our school.

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From Australia, you criticize America for being backwards? Really?

99 - My parents did actually divorce when I was about 14. It was a surprise, but I didn't feel that warranted me to demand they stay together or make the lives of their new partners miserable. You can presume what you want about the situation. If the mother had an affair and the father was crying over the relationship ending, she probably left him, and it's entirely likely it was for the woman she cheated on him with in the first place. The point is, having a temper tantrum because mummy and daddy don't love each other anymore is just stupid. You told her to slash the teachers tires and scratch the teachers car up and yes... that is quite illegal. Whether or not the teachers deserves to be alienated(she doesn't) who do you really think that effects more. The teacher, or the student who depends on her to learn and pass her classes. Like I said, grow up.

100- It's based on IP address, not their claims, and no, the teacher didn't have an affair unless she was married, and it's not selfish or skanky to not stay in a relationship you're unhappy in.

108 - No, I'm in France right now calling America backwards, however yes, I'd still call America backwards if I was back home. You have an appalling health care system and education system, you can walk around freely with fire arms, but two men in a loving relationship can't get married, and you wonder why you have the highest rate of gun related deaths in the first world countries and you have the audacity to preach about freedom while funding Israel's illegal occupation on Palestine. Don't go off topic though.

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I don't think the teacher being lesbian has anything to do with it. They can't really fire her based on personal stuff, regardless of who she's doing it with. :P And OP - I'm sorry. That really sucks.

Mobius8, as an American I do agree with you on several points (health and education, gay rights, support for Israel's occupation). Frankly, I blame not separating church and state. But I believe gun rights are vital. Without guns, the government has complete power over it's people. And frankly, I'm betting you've never even been to America. I used to think the Middle East was backwards until I went there. Sure, the governments suck, but the people are awesome. So don't go dismissing entire countries so easily.

125 - I spent 6 months in America last year actually. Why would you bet I hadn't been there?? That's a pretty baseless assumption.. And your government is elected by it's people. It represents your people. It's not there to "control", and honestly, gun rights would make no real difference to your ability to "stand up to them" even if they were. As it is, any useless parent can get a gun, not lock it up and have their kid take it to school where they suddenly have complete control over the lives of the other students.

I don't know about having guns being good because of government control...but I would say we need them because most government institutes are so inept that the criminals would still have guns while the lawful citizens would then be without protection. :/

134 - In America more murders are committed by people owning guns for protection than there are crimes stopped by someone owning a gun for protection. I think with those statistics the answer is pretty simple. You're not often going to be a victim of a crime where you have a chance to stop it with the use of your gun, even if you're actually in reach of it, but there will probably be some point in most people's lives where they will at least think briefly of using it in a moment of anger, when they find their partner cheating on them or things like that. 135 - Most first world countries hold these views, and they're not all liberal. Just logical. In America though I guess those words are fairly synonymous.

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to #116, FYL for thinking that your health care system is better than ours. yeah yours is FANTASTIC! until you get something like CANCER and then you are completely SCREWED! gah, don't you love it?

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you're a teacher and you think the word "loose" is actually "lose"?

Just because someone becomes a teacher does not mean they are not allowed to make mistakes now and then. They are human just like everyone else.

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How the hell does Any of this have to do with the fml

One thing no ones thought of is, did the teacher even know the mom was married? The OP never said she had this teacher, just that she worked at the school. For all we know, it was as much of a shock to the teacher that the mom was married as it was to the dad that the mom was cheating. The teacher might not have even known that the mom had a kid or that that kid went to her school. And don't say "how could she not have known" because if you read this site you see a ton of stories about people who didn't know their significant others were dating/married.