By Mortified - Australia
Today, I was in the living room with my brother and his two older, hot friends when my mother walks out from the toilet and tells me, "Honey, if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie." Need I say more? FML
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By  f_u_u_f_f  |  0"first".troll.cuz.i'm.probably.not.the.first.
i'm bored.


Oh, my bad. My comment probably didn't make sense. I just assumed that #30 was actually replying to #1, and not just being a visibility whore. If you reply to the first comment for visibility, you mess things up.

  FarSide  |  22

Either sit on the seat, or twist your hose nozzle from Spray to Stream....

Or is your twat the size of a toilet??? Maybe lay off the self-fisting for 3-4 weeks...

  elara15  |  0

I know! What's wrong with "please be neat and wipe the seat" if it has to be said at all? This is a FYL for having such a daft mother and a YDI for your lack of hygiene and consideration.

  daniisme  |  0

I feel you. moms can be horrific. she does that to my family too... and ppl stop bitching and moaning about her being a gross fucker etc. tWas an accident... I hope.

  Jaywin  |  3

I don't think you get the fact that the OP is a female and the two hot friends she was referring to are most likely male since they're her brother's friends.


(Directed at #4, but aimed at everyone): Please read all of the FML, including the gender and location before commenting.

It really sounds like the OP is straight. This is a fair assumption in any situation considering that 90% of people are straight, but it sounds like the OP's brother's friends are male because guys tend to have more male friends on the whole, and she was also trying to get them to have a good opinion of her.

  Achan_fml  |  5

I think maybe OP got it wrong and mistook what her mom meant to say to her brother as something that was said to her. Am I the only one who sees it that way?

  heyyou1203  |  0

i could understand if you were a guy, because i know lots of guys who pee on the seat all the time and somehow don't understand the concept of lifting the seat before they pee. however, having a vagina, it's usually easier to sit on the toilet seat. unless it's a nasty public toilet, which i don't think is the case since it's your home. that being said, who the fuck potty trained you so that u still pee on the seat????? YDI 100% for peeing on the seat in the first place.

  TKDWill  |  13

Exactly what I was thinking. No one says something like that in that exact way in a situation like the OP described unless it was intended to embarass. Parents can usually tell when you are "showing your ass" so to speak.