By fml - 21/02/2015 02:54 - United States - Denver

Today, three days after finally having a bed to sleep on, I woke up with multiple bedbug bites. I can't use my blankets, wear any of my clothes and it's back to sleeping on the floor for me. FML
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Call an exterminator. Same thing happened to my friend and he resolved the problem quickly.


that does suck! I am also in CO op, where did you get that bed???? I am freaking out for you!

I know how you feel had the same problem. It's hard to get rid of them but just to let you know they live in wood. You can drown them in bleach or the spray that's used for killing them

And the carpet. And the walls. And the dresser. ... Napalm.

Bed bugs are very sensitive to temperature changes. If you can heat the inside of the house to at least 115° F for 10 minutes, you should kill most if not all of the bed bugs in your residence.

diatomaceous earth will kill very quickly not the pool cleaner but go to home Depot and get food grade

Heat and cold kill them quick. Getting the house down to 60 F will do the trick.

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Burn the bed. Come to think of it, burn the whole house.. Seriously tho, you'll need a new bed.

Call an exterminator. Same thing happened to my friend and he resolved the problem quickly.

I also had bed bugs once. I called the exterminator and the apartment complex I live in paid for it. I had to pay a lot to wash all of my things, but I didn't have to get rid of a single thing. If you call the exterminator, you may be able to save your mattress :)

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Wow definitely need to get rid of those. They bite good luck op

I honestly don't know if you're being serious or not.

I always wondered why the phrase "don't let the bed bugs bite" mentioned biting.

At least you got to finally sleep on a bed. That is the only bright side to this

The floor's better for your back, anyway... Positive spin?

That is actually one of the negative effects of this. Sleeping on the floor over an extended period of time is harmful for your back.

Bedbugs are spawn of the devil. RUN! Don't even sleep on the floor!