By Anonymous - 22/07/2009 11:29 - Netherlands

Today, my husband and kids celebrated my 50th birthday. I turned 47. FML
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dad:kids, tommorow is your mom's birthday! kid: how old is she? dad: .... other kid: she looks, like, 50. kid: yea let's go with that. dad: ok, sounds good


God I thought that was some really crazy slang word and tried looking for it on urban dictionary Then I saw someone else post it from the Netherlands, and realised it must be Dutch for happy birthday Sorry, I just thought I'd share that cos I'm bored

I feel so sad for you that you feel the need to lie about your age to a bunch of strangers on FMyLife. It's pathetic that you've let yourself go so much that you can only get away with a three-year "stretch" of the truth. I think 42 is a hot age! (You'll instantly have an "in" with the Douglas Adams fans.) A decently-preserved 50-year-old should be able to pass herself off as 42. Happy 50th!

WTF are you on about? How is she lying about her age? She's saying that her family thinks she's three years OLDER, not YOUNGER, than she actually is. Learn to read, asshole.

Ha I remember how my mom reacted when she actually turned 50 that's rough but really funny.

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Uh, what comment says anything about celebrating 3 years earlier or whatever?

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it was the thought that counts, at least they didnt forget completely..

Yeah, and I hope you weren't a douche and commented whilst they had your party that you were 47 - because that would show you how much of a toss you really are. Who cares?! At least they celebrated your darned birthday. "ahhhh, they think I'm 3 years older!" Grow up. Actually become your own age you infantile woman.

Well They suck now don't they! And #2 get a life. Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR....."Anonymous...." HAPPY 47th BDAY TO YOU!

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thats good. 50th birthdays are usually big fun ones, so now in 3 years you can have another one

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Right. eh, you're probably one of those people that has like five 29th birthdays because they care about waht age they are....probably. But still, at least they remembered your birthday and had a party. It's not like they completely forgot about you.