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Today, I went into my Moms room to look for a t-shirt. I went into her drawer and behind all of her clothes was a cell phone. Not only did I not find the t-shirt, I also found out my Mom is cheating on my Dad with someone from work and now I have to pretend like I don't know. I work there too. FML
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What the hell? its not her fault her mom is a big cheatter. And let's be honest, there is no privacy when it comes to family. If parents can look through their child's shit then the child is entitled to do the same. FYL, tell your Dad.

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You really should confront her or tell your dad if you have enough proof

I agree. Why the hell aren't you going to tell your dad? He deserves better than that ***** for a wife. And as #7 said, all the people who say "YDI for snooping" are idiots. She has every right to look through her MOM's phone. Family is family, and it's not like the mom should have anything to hide if she wasn't a slutty mcslutface.

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You obviously have a terrible family experience. My family never snooped on each other, also we didn't rat each other out if we had a problem we talked directly to th person. O.P: Confront your mom, tell her you found out by accident and she needs to confess.

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you don't have to pretend shit, it's not your fault you found the cell phone you were looking for a shirt. You only have to pretend you don't know if you condone your mother cheating on your dad which makes you just as guilty now

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you don't have to be snooping to find a phone in the back of her closet. anyway, you should tell. in cases like these, no one will care whether you are snooping or taking something from your mom's closet. your mom was worse, so you're off the hook.

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#94 Dude, chill out. How do you know she didn't say, "Hey Mom, I need a T-Shirt to go jogging in. Do you mind if I grab one of yours for the day?" Or even, a mix-up in the laundry, which happens at our house all the time. Or, maybe they share clothes regularly. Or, maybe her Mom simply asked, "Sweetheart, can you run upstairs and grab me my pink shirt with the pockets on the chest? Thanks!" There are many reasons she could be going through the drawer. Stop freaking out and assuming she's an awful kid. "There'd be hell to pay at my house!" I'd NEVER freak out on my kids for borrowing a T-Shirt, jeez. They're going to grow up scared of you if you freak out over that kind of thing.

Look at the bright side, now you have a good base for blackmail

You accidentally find a phone. You snoop to learn the rest, therefore YDI.

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Good point, you could have NOT opened the phone. the hell does she deserve this? So if she didn't check phone would that mean her mom was not cheating? Goddamn you are the reason I hate other people. I think most people would want to know if their parents were cheating. Things like that break up a family. Ignorance is not bliss. Now she can have a talk with her parents to sort things out. If not well then her dad deserves better. If this had been phrased like this "Today, my husband was snooping in my bedroom and found the phone I had been using to have an affair with someone else, FML" You would have torn her apart.

Maybe she deserves to have parent issues, but her father doesn't deserve an unfaithful cow for a wife.

She found an extra phone. She probably wanted to know who's phone it was to begin with and found texts from the guy her Mom's cheating with.

Oh stop your bitching. OP found the phone while LOOKING for a t-shirt. Not everyone lives by your rules. Some people willingly share their clothes with eachother. Maybe the daughter was borrowing an old t-shirt to wear while they paint. Maybe her work shirt got put in her mothers clothing. Finding a random phone she most likely had never seen before in her moms clothing is going to arouse curiosity too. If I saw a phone I'd never seen before in my parents room, I'd assume it was a new phone if it wasn't scratched up, and then I wouldn't touch it. But it's easy to assume that wasn't the case here. If I noticed it wasn't new, If I had nothing better to do, I might pick it up and play with it. Or open it to see who it belongs to. I'm not snooping. And her mother did not deserve to get caught because she couldn't cover up her tracks. Her mom deserves to get caught cause she is a fucktard for cheating in the first place.

Agreed with 2. Don't snoop around. You know you could find stuff you don't wanna read. In the other hand. Ask your mom how much your silence is worth to her.

Ouch... but why did you invade your mom's privacy by looking at her cell phone? Well at least work will be a little more interesting!

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I think we should be able to overlook the fact that she looked through her mom's phone, considering what was found.

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96 you are over opinionated and your wrong.

Got your lesson, don't dig through other people's personal stuff, don't EVER read messages not meant for you.

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Email the texts to your dad through a dummy email account.

What the hell? its not her fault her mom is a big cheatter. And let's be honest, there is no privacy when it comes to family. If parents can look through their child's shit then the child is entitled to do the same. FYL, tell your Dad.

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I totally agree. Also, 8, OP probably hasn't had time to tell her dad yet. Or maybe she's afraid to. I know I would be. I'd prolly kill the coworker, too.

I believe it's spelt not spelled. However before you go picking holes in what other people have said think about what you're saying. Parents have as much right to go through their children's belongings as the child has to go through theirs, which seems fair to me. Also, to start with she wasn't snooping, she just happened across the phone in the drawer she wasn't looking for it. How do we know that a) the t-shirt wasn't hers in the first place or b) that her and her mum share clothes anyway. Besides she could be 18 you don't know that so your care and custody line may be irrelevant.

For God's sake cool down. They could share clothes we've been through this seriously calm down don't get all worked up about it

YDI for not telling your dad. It's not like she wouldn't check your phone (most likely). There's no reason to keep that a secret, your dad has a right to know. Like what #7 said "there is no privacy when it comes to family."

You now have something to hold over her. Blackmail! Use it to your advantage.

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um maybe you can ask her why she has another cell phone? say you were looking for a t-shirt and came across it..easy and simple. and maybe there's a reasonable explanation for it.