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Today, I found out that my mom and dad got a divorce. They didn't tell me, they just changed their relationship status on Facebook. FML
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Facebook has changed the way people interact DRAMATICALLY. Fyl

Well it's only official if its on Facebook.


rebekahah 7

ahh ha ha ha. fyl, OP, fyl.

It's because it was your fault and they couldn't bear to look at you.

They couldn't stand to look at you because it was your fault, btw they have disowned you orphan.

nice fake "scene girl" pic lol take a real pic

ruby84 1

you're so pretty in a refreshing way

I agree, you are really pretty. And I like your hair, I have red hair too, but not that bright yet

nasty Ginger!! no offense it's what society tells me to think :(

61 I don't think you're a tranny… you're a very handsome young man just kidding

sorry, sorry, I've just seen a lot of trannys cause I lived in------ and there were lots of trannys and you so happened to look like one, the fake eyelashes, the pounded on make up, and some of your facial features. If you are 100% a girl, then I am sorry, you are a very ravishing young...... lady.

rebekahah 7

eyelashes- 100% real (just like my femininity) On a related note- We have become too reliant on the Internet. This is a result of one of those occasions.

63, that is a girl, but not that girl if that makes sense, it's not a real picture of hers, people always steal that pic for some reason, but I really don't see the point of faking a picture on fml

wat does op stand for anyway? and ydi?

rebekahah 7

73- Original Poster 72-no, I did not steal it. I don't think this picture exists anywhere except on FML.

OP means "original poster" and YDI means "You Deserved It"

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I found your picture on google the first time I searched. It's on three different websites, unless those are all your sites too. It's a pretty picture though.

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Her name is apparently Courtney Dior.

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Oh cool I didn't know about that.


1- fyl... How are you just going to sit there and let people talk down your throat, like you're some kind of red headed mallard.

well whoever she is... she still looks like a man.

rebekahah 7

ooh that's what this has been all about! can I please clear things up? when you guys were debating on whether or not I was actually a chick, I though you were talking about ME, Rebekahah. I think I may be a little slow because I realize now that you were talking about the picture! it's actually my best friend in the picture, not me. I've been getting my hair done like hers so I have been using her picture kind of like a place holder until I could get a proper one taken. I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION!!!! lol I was wondering why it was such a big debate! I thought the picture being real and my gender were 2 separate things. anyway, sorry again!! anywho, this FML makes me laugh every time!! if my parents were to divorce, I would want them to tell me before they told the world!! but who knows, OP, maybe you didn't pick up the phone.

rebekahah 7

you don't have to believe me. As long as I know I'm telling the truth. but by all means continue being ignorant, it's your loss on not getting to meet a usually nice person like me.

guccimama 2

oh really? we couldn't figure that out.

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Facebook has changed the way people interact DRAMATICALLY. Fyl

Probably the best thing fb has given us is Tobuscus' "Tired of games that are fun? FARMVILLE! Have too much free time? FARMVILLE! Old McDonald had a...FARMVILLE!"

I've heard similar stories a couple times before. It's sad how common these a getting.

facebook kills. sure it made a guy a billionaire, other then that its just a place for teenage girls to tell each other how pretty everyone but themselves is. yes, pedo bear knows what teenage girls do on facebook. add me b!tches.

CommonSenseKarma 17

Would the Tobuscus referenced be the Literal Trailers Tobuscus???

Frelling 0

Audience? What are you doing reading FMLs Audience?

Yes! Intro of redness, then darkness, then whiteness! But that reference is actually from a parody commercial he did of farmville. Search it; it's pretty hilarious.

... needs to be better because you didn't spell "technology" correctly. AUTO-CORRECT FTW!!!!!

Autoshot 9

Auto-Correct Yay!! Every moron will one day go undetected!!

OR autocorrect will ruin spelling...AKA the the auto "cucumber" like on


Well it's only official if its on Facebook.

msl1333 4

seriously. it's a new age; get with it. soon mark zuckerburg will have to be consulted personally before any relationship can start or stop.

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I'm so glad I don't have a Facebook. It only makes you believe that you have more friends than you actually do.

My friends that have Facebook all have competitions of who has more friends. Half the people on their Facebook friends don't even know them or like them. It's ridiculous. :P

CateXOX 0

Same with my friends, they're all friends with that one guy's brother's friend or whatever.

Yeah exactly. Or the random guys that add them, they accept. Who knows if they're 50 year old men, trying to creep on teenagers. So dumb.

CateXOX 0

Agreed. As long as it means more friends they'll add them.

8, You can't say that if you have never tried it. Facebook can be very useful for organizing things and the such, as well as contributing to your social life, as you can talk with friends whenever. But, it still shouldn't be used ahead of normal conversation, as emotions and physical gestures are sometimes hard to incorporate, especially depending on your experience level.

CateXOX 0

31- While it can be useful, the way I've seen my friends use it is as a 'I have more friends than you' website, when they don't even know most of their 'friends'.

Seriously? What is up with all of the Facebook break ups? Your parents need to grow up and tell you themselves. Facebook is pathetic. The world used to be so much more constructive place before Facebook came around.

well said. great comment couldn't have said it better.

How do you know what the world was like prior to the Facebook phase? You're only 15.

Sure I'm only 15. That doesn't make a bit of difference. I don't know how life was 15 years ago, but I do know that before Facebook people actually had other things to do with their lives besides stalking peoples profiles, commenting on pictures, and breaking up with people by changing their status. People are pathetic these days. Just because I'm 15, doesn't mean I don't know things. Thanks.

Actually it makes all the difference that you're only 15. What you know of the world before your time isn't reality. It's a version of it. Just as it is for me. What you said is not Facebook's purpose, just because some people use it immorally doesn't mean that if Facebook wasn't around they would do things correctly.

Well said Jess, I've tried Facebook but found it completely ridiculous the way most people use it. With that being typed, I also find many people have a harder time communicating in a face-to-face interaction than only a few years ago.

i use FB as a tool...a way to connect to ppl bcuz i live to far away to tlk to them in person and not waste minutes and texts...i am not addicted to it either..i go on the app every so often to she what msgs my gf left me and move on with my life...FB is not to blame, the "Facebook junkies" are, such as Op's parents are

I use Facebook as a tool, to lure small kids to my house.

Iknoweverything 29

I know you think being 15 doesn't matter kiddo, but it does. I don't think my family even OWNED a computer until I was maybe seven or eight (you would have been about two) and I don't think anybody knew what a laptop was then. And even then, there wasn't a whole lot on the internet. (And we didn't use google, we asked Jeeves) While you are right, people used to be more constructive with their time, you really don't comprehend very well. It's theorized that people who grew up with the internet don't deal with other people very well because... well... they don't have to deal with the actual people. By the way, what I originally wanted to comment was that 1 in 5 divorces result from facebook these days. Zuckerberg should be proud.

rebekahah 7

there was a study that showed that most people that used Facebook for a social cause lost touch with most of their friends and it totally severed their social life.

Some adults just don't know how to deal with facebook.

Please show me a link or the FML number, and if it's copied I'll delete this FML.

I don't think it really is a repost. A lot of the FML's are very similar though.

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yeah I swear they all seem the same, just worded differently.