By clairebear99 - 8/6/2021 08:01

Mask confusion

Today, my coworker screamed at me for once again calling her by a different coworker's name. They have the same hair, skin color, and body type, so I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to tell them apart. FML
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  bleachedraven  |  14


By  Jon Tessler  |  10

so you can't remember who is who? here is some advice.....either learn who is who, or become self employed, because remembering people's names when you work with coworkers is "a thing".

By  idragosani  |  8

The same way you learn how to tell anyone else apart, by making an effort to do so. I am sure their faces aren't the same, unless they are identical twins. I am sure they don't wear the same clothes each day, and their voices are probably different, too.