By painedandpissed - 10/08/2014 16:42 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I called my boyfriend and invited him over to watch a movie. He was all for it, until I mentioned I was on my period, at which point he said "NOPE." and hung up on me. FML
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So basically he wants to be in a relationship 3/4 of the month smh

Fatfairygoth 11

That sucks OP, move on quick


Respect101 17

He at least could have made an excuse that he couldn't come over, like something came up or something. Not just nope.

You clearly don't live up to your username. "Respect", my ass. You don't just opt out of a hangout for a dumb reason like THAT.

"I'm sorry, honey, something came up: your period."

sorahearts_fml 10

Well she could be a raging bitch while on her period or he could be superficial and only want to get laid. But I know it's hard enough for me not to backhand the shit out of my mom when she is on her period. I literally asked in middle school if she was so I could avoided and she slapped the shit out of me and then dropped me off. Some girls just use it as an excuse to let out ******* hidden aggression and it's really annoying.

#37 that's really shitty of her to do, no one deserves any violence agents them no matter the reason.

You'd rather him lie? The way he handled it was wrong and super rude. I guess a white lie doesn't hurt anyone could work here.

Respect101 17

Alright I know lying is disrespectful, and I'm not saying he should lie just to opt out of the date because she is on her period. If I were in his shoes I would go anyway, but if he doesn't want the choice of going, like the guy above said, he should've said a white lie. Something not to serious.

*like the girl above

Respect101 17

Sorry, #97, like the girl above said..

dDailydDosage 8

The reason he's not coming is obvious. It'll be useless and disrespectful to lie to her about it.

So basically he wants to be in a relationship 3/4 of the month smh

And only for one reason

Oh how I wonder what that one reason is.

Pillow fights?

I thought it was pool parties!

I still don't see the problem here

Fatfairygoth 11

That sucks OP, move on quick

sweetnsourrr 11

Why would you want to break up with someone over something so stupid?

Or, she may just be rude during her period. Or he spent way too much money on chocolate for her

sweetnsourrr 11

Maybe it has nothing to do with sex at all, she said she's probably a bitch on her period.

sweetnsourrr 11

Yeah, I don't make a big deal about everything and then break up with someone without having to talk it out. we dont even know the full story yet..jeez.

Really. She's probably a raging bitch on her period. You girls break up with people over anything.

#58 I never asked anyone to buy me chocolate just because I was on my period. A girl's menstruation shouldn't be an excuse to get free stuff from other people (except tampons or pads from other girls when it's an emergency).

#35 maybe he can't handle her being emotional and stuff.

#83 I think everyone, including all shops and restaurants should give girls free chocolate during their period. Periods suck, I want free chocolate!

As much as I love that idea, #129, unfortunately, there would be countless women abusing the priviledge of free chocolate. Any girl could say they're on the rag, but truly not be. I mean, it's not like you'd actually be willing to prove that you were...ew.

Typical douche guys eh?

iLike2Teabag 27

Coming from the guy from New Jersey and wearing shutter shades. -cough- I'm just kidding :) I'm sure you're a nice guy.

tony1891 22

doesn't sound like he only wanted to watch a movie

Ermahgerd I hope you mean ex

A07 48

No, OP meant boyfriend. Read the fml.

I don't know, the "ermahgerd" made me think he was making fun of THOSE people.

I'm being sarcastic

That worked out well for you #20 (hint: it's sarcasm)

Obviously the "(hint: it's sarcasm)" is not the right way to go.

allieallie18 7

ops boyfriend was a dick, but breaking up isn't always the answer

You must be new to FML. Around here breaking up is always the answer!

that or suing people

Allie, read more than, you know what just read the entire thread you're commenting on. Possibly even three times to avoid missing things.

I had to thumb down just for saying "ermahgerd"

#88 more fish in the pool for us sad *******! Haha

TanzWolf 26

Why would you mention it then? I mean, FYL OP, but I don't see any reason for you to have mentioned that.

It's better that than figuring it out himself and bolting.

I guess OP was hoping after the movie she and her BF would get into it. Either way, your boyfriend kinda responded too harshly, OP.

Maybe they were going to watch that old John Wayne movie, Red River.

Why can't she mention that to her man? I tell my man when I'm on my period. We should be able to tell each other stuff like that. And he isn't an asshole about it when I tell him I'm on it. He had no reason to be so rude.

LalaDee561 Your boyfriend is awesome!

I'm with #70. If it's her boyfriend, it's supposed to be someone who she trusts and is comfortable talking to, so it would be normal to come up in a conversation. Something among the lines of "I have so many cramps today, I'm not feeling so well" wouldn't be inappropriate IMO. If he can't handle it, maybe he's not mature enough to even be having sex in the first place.

#70, exactly. My man invites me over when he knows I'm on my period and takes care of me. I don't understand guys who's are assholes about it.

I still don't see the problem here

homesuckfucker 28

I've already seen a comment saying that you should immediately move on, and I cannot say that I agree. A healthy relationship should be built on communication. Before you do anything drastic, like flat out leaving him, I would try explaining to your boyfriend that what he did was hurtful. If he is still immature about your time of the month, say, refusing to spend time with you during it, after this talk, I completely advise you to end the relationship. Best of luck, OP. I hope it works out.

Axel5238 29

At this point it's pretty safe to say the bf doesn't care about her feelings. He only wanted to hang out for sex. He doesn't care and talking to him about something like that probably isn't going to make a difference. Not like there was a misunderstanding that needs to be ironed out.

We don't know the full story. Just what OP said.. People on this website always say to dump the person immediately. Sometimes they have a point and sometimes they don't. We don't have the full story

juturnaamo 29

Maybe they fight a lot when she's on her period and he didn't have the energy for that minefield.

Seriously, maybe she's just bitchy on her period and he doesn't want to have to deal with that!

I agree that they should talk things out before breaking up. Yes, he acted like a complete dick, but I'd want to know why. If he is still being rude and insensitive after they talk than by all means please dump him. And I don't understand how people are saying he only wants her for sex. She didn't ask if he wanted to come over for sex, she asked if he wanted to come over to watch a movie. And although he said no when he found out she had her period, I don't think this 100% means because of sex. I think there's a big chance he doesn't like how she acts when she's got her period. I know a lot of girls who think having their period gives them free reign to be a bitch, complain all the time, and treat people (especially their boyfriends) like crap. Again, not excusing him in anyway, but I think there could be other options to what's happening here and think she should talk to him about it before just dumping him.

graphicstyle7 17

You are really, really too tolerant (in a bad way) of this situation. He was rude. He only wants to be around her when she can have sex with him. No long-term relationship is possible here, move on.