By jayden5 - United Kingdom
Today, I was sitting next to this really cute guy in choir class. Trying to make conversation, I asked him what his favorite song was. He replied "Leave Me Alone". I asked him who it was by and he said, "It's not a song, I just want you to leave me alone". FML
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By  Crazi_Me  |  0

Hmm sorry but that does suck pretty bad. Although I must ask, what would make you think thats an actual song and he wasnt just telling you to leave him alone.

By  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

Cold. If you don't want to chat someone up, you answer the question and any follow-up questions plainly so it kills the conversation attempt, presuming the person doesn't relentlessly persist. That guy was a prick.

  RebeccaRFT  |  18

Well I think that guy just didn't want to be polite to a creepy girl. Most people will politely play along but he made it clear he was uncomfortable. He wasn't rude about it he just stated he didn't want to speak, which is what most people claim to want to be told. He isn't a jerk for telling her to leave him alone.

By  Big_Blue_Sumthin  |  0

Props to him for being straight up but I feel bad you didn't pick up on this obvious social clue. You should have said "Oh. Well mine's 'What's jammed up your ass?' by The Guy in Choir's a Fuckhead. Heard of them?" Then turned around.

By  itsnotfair  |  0

perhaps he's actually gay. considering he's in choir. don't feel too bad
(oh now i'm just waiting for the politically correct people here to call me out on this comment, it's mere speculation, i used to be a music major and 99 percent of the male singers were gay)