By kimboslice106 - 08/06/2011 05:21 - United States

Today, I asked my boyfriend to spend the night at my house because my dad would be working out of town, and once the rest of the house left I thought it'd be sweet if he snuck in my room and slept with me. His reply was "Why bother? You're on your period, it's not like we can do anything." FML
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nicospec 1

How about playing Uno?

mikejunior88 4

he likes you for one reason clearly. now you get to decide if you want to be with a person like that or not.


sex life.. ruined

No he's not. That week is otherwise known as the 'week of head'.

thats true lol, or you know if the river goes red take the dirt trail instead :D

If you can't pot the pink, pot the brown?

GreenMuzz 0

if the cave is flooded.... do anal.

Unless it is physically uncomfortable for the woman, there is no reason a couple cannot have sex during the woman's period. You have to take precautions, of course, to prevent excessive blood from getting onto the sheets, but there's nothing that'll stop you from doing it.

Suck a dudes dick like a boss?

Sex is still possible.. front and back

Alwayspullout 7

In Kentucky, don't brother and sister already sleep in the same house?

JustinThunder 8

Usually all siblings live in the same house. I don't see how Kentucky is different.

93, just /facepalm. All I gotta say.

my wife doesn't feel sexy at that time and won't do it and won't do any other type of sex. I have told her I can get pasts the bleeding. but she can't. its all about what the girl can and will do.

And the boy. Please, don't forget the boy. It took one and a half year before my boyfriend dared to touch me/have sex with me whilst on my period. He still declines if I blead heavily, which I totally can understand.

sickjairo 7

Why bother... WTF when it's red week... it's head week...

kingtz 6

Boyfriend is a moron. He should have asked for anal!

BJ's and backdoor's aside, bf could have slept with her in the LITERAL sense. But I guess intimacy is too cerebral a form of satisfaction for the knuckldraggers these days.

PurpleRae420 0

If you cant even fuck your girlfriend while shes on her period then your a sad ass pussy! She must be on the pill then but you still couldn't with a condom how sad my ex's never had problems it's called it washes off

cummbubble 0

purplerae im going to kill myself if i read one more of your meaningless comments. but hey op can still give him head oh yeah

PurpleRae, whenever a comment is buried I take a guess on who it is before i see it. You're my favorite person to guess.:)

Make it a bloody victory.

IgnorantAmerican 0

I don't mind ketchup on my hotdog as long as the bun is tight.

Good luck to the guy who tries to stay hard when he sees his dick covered in blood. (don't look down... don't look down... don't loo--aw fuck!)

hes is right, why bother if your on your period

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Blow job, hand job, anal, did I miss anything?

SteelCladAngel 0

shower sex

so what if she is on period just stick it in anyways the worst thing that would happen is you get the funk and/or an odd smelling pecker

and means you won't be dry lol

well, he wouldn't know anything about sex anyway-he's asian!

34, breastfucking ;)

nicospec 1

How about playing Uno?

You can still get hiiiiigh!

Doomire 0

for me to do anal the girl would have to really clean out her ass with an enema. otherwise no thank you.

EnlightenedClown 19

God I love this comment

MasterL 3

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not really. he wouldn't sleep in the sam bed with her only cause it wouldn't result in sex

it seems he's a douche

SteelCladAngel 0

maybe 5 means old fashioned as in old fashioned enough to think that a period is a filthy disgusting thing and thinks it's 'unclean' morally to have sex with a woman while she's bleeding.

well it kinda is and I'm a women lol I wouldnt have sex on my period it's nasty

rofl, ultimate win

hah thats what i was gonna say

born_hustla 26

lmao true

Haha, I was gonna say that too. Last weekend my boyfriend & I finally got to spend the night together but I was on. We just did anal instead & it was awesome :)

Seriously, 141, TMI. No one cares!

mikejunior88 4

he likes you for one reason clearly. now you get to decide if you want to be with a person like that or not.

Bwoaf, I don't think he dates her just for sex. You must realise that her boyfriend takes a huge risk by sleeping with her if her parents don't know about it. I've been in a similar situation, and believe me, it's very stressful. I slept barely because I kept thinking about what would happen if my parents returned home early. If he's discovered, he's screwed. I don't want to be rude to OP, but if I was her boyfriend, I would also decline. A good love session is worth the risk. Sleeping, in my opinion, isn't. Neither is a simple blow -or handjob.

chuck1986 0

No I think he is just an ass who is just after sex considering OP said her dad wouldnt be home. Dump the mother fucker if you have any self respect.

And what if Dad came home earlier and discovered a guy in his daughter's bed, hmm? I've read FML's about 'had to leave the house naked' and 'beat me with a baseball stick'. I don't think sleeping is worth that...

awwwwwww I'm sry that he didn't want to snuggle :(

My bf always wants to snuggle. Sometimes it's kind of annoying but I love him for it. Sucks OPs bf only wants one thing. FYL for sure

lolwtfwasthat 0

cuddling is something :)