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By Anonymous - 10/08/2014 17:24 - Germany - Würzburg

Today, my mother kicked me out of the house because her new boyfriend needs my room. Evidently he also needs my credit card, passport, and wallet too, because she kept all three, while tossing everything else out on the lawn. FML
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Wow I'm sorry that your mom's a bitch

flashback.miss 28

report them to the police. Choosing a new boyfriend over her son, disgusting.


Wow I'm sorry that your mom's a bitch

now it's time to hire a lawyer.

Yeah.. That doesn't sound legal

OP should just call the police. May not get him back in the house but at least he'll get his wallet and ID's back so he can buy/rent his own place.

#1 took the words from my mouth!

Time to close your accounts, and call the police...

Yeah. Call the police on her for stealing. Then find a place with reasonable rent, get your stuff, AND GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!

flashback.miss 28

report them to the police. Choosing a new boyfriend over her son, disgusting.

Report her for theft.

I completely agree ^ this is ridiculous

I hate the idea of calling the cops on your own mother, but OP... Call the cops on your own mother.

kill the boyfriend

A07 48

And feed her the grilled chops when she's hungry.

This is really sick. Thumbs up.

It's simple;We kill the boyfriend.

Obviously it's the only way...

Respect101 17

It was for "insurance" reasoning. I got nothing.

sleepybear3 8

Wtf Parent of the year -.-

Wouldn't your mom and her boyfriend be in one room?

MrsFlowers 9

This is what I would think. They must have a complicated relationship.

Maybe he's not her new boyfriend, but rather her replacement son.

Man cave. Duh.

They probably just don't want him around anymore

OP said the boyfriend 'needed the room,' not that he was sleeping in it.

Maybe he needs it for his weights or his puppy or as a man cave or something

TanzWolf 26

Depends... How old are you?

Yes, because the mother has the right to take her passport and credit card, no matter OP's age.

It REALLY doesn't matter. You DO NOT choose someone over your own child.

blazerman_fml 17

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askullnamedbilly 33

That, however, does NOT give her the right to steal from him #30. If you want your adult child to move out, you tell them and give them an ultimatum. You don't kick them out and keep their wallet.

blazerman_fml 17

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shinigami99 10

blazerman (#30 and #50) Just stop. You have almost no valid points. The fact is, she threw everything out on the lawn. Now, forgetting, the fact that she stole his essentials, it is NOT OKAY to throw your child's personal belongings out in the open on the lawn without no prior warning or deadline. An ultimatum is not declared by destruction of property, nor is it declared by theft. Stop trying to sound smart.

Keyword 'trying' to sound smart, you sound dumb as fuck.. Go put your helmet on.

She surely could have given him a week or something to find his own place and not stolen?

Ouch. Hopefully your mom will realize that her child is more important than her boyfriend. I hope it ends up all good, OP!

tony1891 22

you're mother sounds like a really swell woman.

Mads_1234 28


You're grammer is just plane aweful.

*iz and jus If you're gonna make an effort #57, may as well go all out :)

is* and just*, correct grammar means punctuation and usage, not spelling. Check your knowledge of things before you grill someone for doing things incorrectly when they were right.