By ohsosad - 23/11/2010 06:25 - United States

Today, I was asked out by a guy who is doing community service because he was caught peeping through windows. I was tempted to say yes. FML
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and his community service is cleaning windows!

YDI for even considering saying yes to Edward Cullen.


Omg, what a stupid mistake :O I'll go sit in the corner and cry now :(

wow doortje, people on fml don't admit their mistakes. they just claim it was sarcasm and stick to that story to the bitter end.

Haha, I know, but that always annoys me, so I thought I'd come clean :D

EEEWWWW HELL NO,,, Keep him clear from you,,, nice or not,, he will find where you live..

take your mask off and actually read the fml again, he knows where she lives he was peeking through her windows

Yeeeah, you're ******. He'll probably follow you home now and peek through YOUR windows. Have fun!

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I don't see how this is an FML. just because he's doing community service for something doesn't mean he will always act in the sane way. You were asked out by someone. Doesn't mean you HAVE to say yes.

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never say yes to guys in orange jumpsuits!

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I'm sorry but this is the most stupid FML so far besides the beaver ambush one. Please go out with this guy and have a long unsuccesful relationship and two untalented children with him just because you even posted this. FYL for being pathetic. And maybe he has some good qualities, but he is clearly a pervert for doing that, unless you're into that kind of stuff as well..(I accept people for who they are so don't get offended if that's true haha)

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