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  Anubyte  |  0

Well, if were getting into this discussion, is anything truly real? To me, reality is defined by each persons outlook on the world, so, what is "real" anyway?

  leeshxx  |  3

39 how about fuck no! if u want to get your fucking rocks off there are other websites to visit! fuck man I seriously would cut your balls off with a mother fucking blunt chain saw! you dirty little horny 12 year old

  firstrecon  |  0

huh blunt chain saw. wow I though I was the only one who came up with evil things such as that.... I was wrong.....

either way nice comeback I found that hilarious.

  hook_em  |  0

well jolly good show way to get right with the ladies and you could have been nice in replying back to 19 since she liked your comment sheesh haha

  Dennisse_47  |  17

Yeah I agree. 4 months without introducing your girlfriend to your parents? Maybe it's just me but I think that's a little too long to wait for that, so I wouldn't blame them for thinking you were lying about having a girlfriend. Unless she was out of town for a long time or you guys were busy, then that could be understandable