Not now, guys

By Sonofa - 17/05/2013 15:52 - Canada - Cold Lake

Today, I brought my girlfriend home for the first time to meet my parents. They were having a heated argument because my mom had bought "the wrong toilet paper" and my dad was angry because "she should know that he has a sensitive anus." FML
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Kuhu1993 21

She'd get it. Even she has parents. :D


Just imagine how op's dad's boyfriend feels ;)

#31 He must feel the way I did after reading your comment - Lost.

Butt the dad just wanted to feel "So fresh and so clean clean"

Maybe they could start over and wipe the slate clean.

Your username was exactly the reaction i had when i read your comment.

Mads_1234 28

He's the opposite, really. The proof is right there in the FML.

upallnight11 19

.... But he has a sensitive ass

Insensitive to his son's privacy and state of mind, but considerate to his irritable wipe hole. I just don't think buying the "wrong toilet paper" is something to get so angry about, especially in the presence of a guest.

Easy to hurt his feelings could say he's a bit of a sensitive asshole

Oops I'd be pretty embarrassed if that happened to me BUT not an FML situation.

Kuhu1993 21

She'd get it. Even she has parents. :D

It's just a matter of whether her's are that crazy or not. Not all parents are that far off the deep end.

Eesh... Can't win 'em all. But I wouldn't worry about it too much, OP. Your new woman might find your family amusing, they were at least not insulting her!

It's called Cushelle now! Gah, get it right #6.

Then in that case: Your mom, how cushelle not have bought your dad's toilet paper OP?

Well now you'r girlfriend knows a little bit more about you'r family. Hopefully it won't affect you'r relation.

Autocorrect would at least change it to something that's a real word.

Maybe they're not a native English speaker.

RedPillSucks 31

Not if you accidentally added a bad typo into the dictionary

DorkAlert 10

Not true. My gf's phone changes don't to dint

No one likes scratchy toilet paper.

don't get me started on how coddled the modern anus is.

#74, I'm slightly worried about your seemingly large and intimate knowledge of "anus coddling". If there's something you want to tell us I promise we won't judge you.

challan 19

OP, if she can't laugh about something like that with you, then is she really that great of a catch? Time to catch and release.

I love the fishing reference. You are the epitome of a country girl. Which is why you're awesome.

The author doesn't specify whether she found it amusing or not. I think the post was more about his embarrassment at his parents having such a TMI argument while she was there for her first visit. For all we know, they could've shared a good laugh at it after the fact.

Well, it's a parent's job to be as embarrassing as possible to their children. It actually sounds like something my husband would say; I feel your pain, OP. In this case, I would say these two are in the running for Employees of the Month.

perhaps your dad should br less anal about such stuff. and F your girlfriend's life.