By Anonymous - 04/05/2011 21:53 - Ireland

Today, I was getting funny looks all day. When I got home I realised that I was interrupted while doing my make-up this morning and completely forgot to fill in my second eye brow. FML
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theyd be giving u weird looks anyway u have drawn on eyebrows! not attractive sorry


ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

I know, what happened to all the honest people? :P I'd be like "bitch, you only got one eyebrow filled in!" :D

RainbowHeadache 2

People aren't really that caring enough now-a-days to tell someone when something is wrong with their face. Op I've done that before but it was the whole right side of my face I forgot to do. haha

EverybodyHatesCh 0

I told her but she ignored me.. in 3rd period

shakethat 10

lmao. def happened to me before. I yelled at my friend like why didn't you warn me. he said he thought I meant for it to look like that. ughh guys. lol

We don't tell people of these things because it's funnier this way lol.

i dont wear make up so i dont know but doesnt it feel like one part of the face is missing something if the makeup is done right? or feel more caked or moisturized or something?

firstrecon 0

it's because people are to self absorbed to really care enough about others. (is feeling all.... uhm wise-ish)

#43: You don't really feel a difference when you have makeup on, so no. If you can feel your makeup, you've probably caked on too much.

free2speak 14

both, FYL and YDI were at 1977 until I clicked YDI to make it 1978. Lame, I know but it made me smile, nonetheless. anyway, about the actual FML, who doesn't check their face at least once in the mirror the entire day?!?

dude... every single one of your comments has had an elitist quality about it. Stop commenting lol. and stop complaining about things you do yourself

what about your friends?? why didn't they tell you? O.o

pseudolife 4
EverybodyHatesCh 0

That's why I like my eyebrows made of hair

it's cool to be abnormal. Everyone's doing it these day.

it's the new trend ppl need to deal with it lol

MakeAScene 4
MakeAScene 4

I couldn't think of a better pun. ): Plus, I hate it when girls fill in their eyebrows, so I figured I'd rub in the fact that she lacks in the eyebrow department.

guckylynn 19

That doesn't really fit with this FML...

EverybodyHatesCh 0

the question was "what??". not your opinion!!!

RainbowHeadache 2

I naturally can't grow thick, darker eyebrows & thats why I fill mine in. They look fairly natural so I don't see why you hate them when they're done right.

MakeAScene 4

Unlike you, the girls at my school think it's okay to use liquid eyeliner to fill theirs in. Your eyebrows look fantastic, but unfortunately, not all girls have the skill to fill them in. That's why I think they're better off without it.

RainbowHeadache 2

Well that's why I said when they're done correctly. haha But I know what you mean.

Crap. I see where this is going: Someone is going to jump in and tell us how she forgot to shave the left side of the pubic hair, or forgot to shave the right leg etc MakeAScene, no problem at all for me, but if you don't have anything better to say, don't say it at all, or at least try to have some arguments to defend it.

borkchop1992 15

thats why you tattoo eyebrows like the cholas

LoveCali 0

LMFAO.!Yet Another Reason For Me To Not Wear Make Up.Haha;;Im Very Forgetful And Also I Think Make Up Is Gross:pp

EverybodyHatesCh 0

lier! lier! pants on fire!

Emma Marshall 19

You say with no profile pic lol

PSQ91 6
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Way to look like a douche bag.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Way to look like a donut-eating dinosaur.

firstrecon 0

doughnut eating dinosaur- I am stealing that, and yeah nice job on being a jerkfish (yeah jerkfish)

ceinaworus 0

way to abuse the way to jokes.

theyd be giving u weird looks anyway u have drawn on eyebrows! not attractive sorry

MuchDance90s 0

she said not "filled in," not absent completely. not every girl is dark and hairy with bushier or thick eyebrows to work with. some of us are fair and/or blonde with less body hair. doesn't mean we don't have eyebrows; they're just lighter and sometimes look better when touched up with pencil. some Asian women do this as well, as their brows are thinner/more sparse, too.

You said it MuchDance. At least the girl didn't shave the brows completely and draw in new brows way too high yet forget one. Then someone might say she was a perplexed clown... If they were brave enough to say anything at all... Clowns scare me.

emmanizzer 6

dang. I'd kill to have light eyebrows. my eyebrows are dark brown and my hair is naturally blonde. it's a bitch :(

Emma Marshall 19

Ummm not all 'drawn on' eyebrows are bad. Doesn't mean you pluck them til they're 2mm thin and fill them in really badly. Some just need to be darker.

You can't help it you were giving the people's eyebrow! ;)