By dpap / Friday 18 January 2013 23:03 / United States - Waukee
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  HelloSirs  |  14

Truthfully all you need for an online relationship, as long as you remember to avoid webcams. Past that, hiding unattractive qualities loses its effectiveness in face to face confrontations.

  doritowhore  |  9

It has an automatic filter, so a lot of times blemishes and other things aren't as visible/prominent. The same effect you can get from using photo editing sites, and the reason why so many people overload it with poorly taken photos of themselves.

  errbear14  |  5

46- Instagram does not have an automatic filter. You can, however, choose a filter to put on it or leave it alone. That doesn't mean you can't filter it like crazy and then upload it without one of their filters though.

By  Amama_fml  |  30

I believe than when parents say comments like this, it's their way of "punishing" us for whatever awkward, or impolite, thing we might have said when we were little.


Now that I think about it, I was a jerk when I was younger. I would always yell at my mum for stopping in the supermarket to "greet a friend she hasn't seen in years".

I'm sorry mum T_T

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