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By Anonymous - 21/11/2015 12:44 - United Kingdom - Cardiff

Today, I've spent nearly three weeks indulging my boyfriend's weird fetish, where he wears a hockey mask and I call him Jason. He just confessed it isn't really a fetish for him and that was just fucking with me. He's already told all his friends. I'm humiliated. FML
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BecauseIAmBatman_fml 22

Whata dick. Like the boy who cried wolf, if he says he has another fetish you won't believe him.

Time to reveal your reversed roles fetish.


BecauseIAmBatman_fml 22

Whata dick. Like the boy who cried wolf, if he says he has another fetish you won't believe him.

"Check it out guys I'm retarded" "**** off retard." "Haha jokes on them I was just pretending."

Honestly, the OP set aside her pride for her boyfriend's weird fetish (which not every S.O. would do), AND he only did it to humiliate her in the end. That's some boyfriend. OP deserves someone who will appreciate her.

Huh, I never knew the female symbol was always the male symbol in disguise! I've been lied to my whole life... why? WHY?!

77, Think about it. What is the female symbol? A long line with a shorter line across it. What is the male symbol? A long line with two short lines coming off of it. What to three short lines connected make? A triangle. It's the illuminati.

#89 the male symbol is an erect penis.. So much easier then that conspiracy stuff

Maybe you should put the mask on while he's sleeping and freak him out when he wakes up. Tape it and show it to his friends!

or take him on a boat ride and someone jump from the water and scare his sorry ass.

Why not just make it look like he peed hi.self in bed and show a photo to his friends?

noonenoeone 22

@37 How would go about having someone "jump" from underneath the surface in the middle of a body of water? Kinda curious as to how you came to the conclusion that this is the best means of scaring someone....there are much more easily executed and effective means.

@109, it's a reference to the original Friday the 13th film.

@127 yea thanks, honestly I would get scared shitless and never prank my girlfriend @109 Also not like a dolphin jumping out of the water kinda thing but as in jumping onto the boat...

Time to reveal your reversed roles fetish.

That's pretty much just reiterating what I said.

You could always just cut him off and then see how funny he finds it :p

Run away from him and in the process, trip and fall like every white girl in a horror movie.

Sorry For you OP, but you gotta admit that was kind of funny

TomeDr 24

Humiliating someone that you are supposed to care about is in no way "funny."

Convincing someone to act out a "fetish" that you have for the sake of telling your friends about it so they can laugh at your supposed-to-be partner, and then telling them that you lied so you could is only something you would do to be cruel. It could, in fact, be considered emotional abuse in OP's case because she says she is"humiliated"- which means that it has caused her emotional harm, and that is discounting the fact he al betrayed her trust not just with the "joke," but by telling his friends about their sex life for the sake of shaking her.

I agree. If someone did this to me I would seriously question the relationship and likely end it.

badkid91 11

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This goes way beyond a simple prank. Nothing childish about breaking up with a tool who enjoys humiliating you.

countryb_cth 38

The only one who's childish is OP's boyfriend

Pranks are something that can cause the pranked person to laugh after all is said and done. This was a deliberate attempt by the boyfriend to humiliate OP about something very personal in front of all the boyfriend's friends. It shows complete disrespect for the OP and disregard for her emotional well-being. OP would be perfectly justified in leaving him after this stupid and childish stunt.

oj101 33

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Why is it something to be humiliated over? 'Cause he did it *to* humiliate her, that's why.

I totally get why she's embarrassed, but at the same time, all she did was be a super caring, loving girlfriend. Her boyfriend admitted to having a very strange/creepy fetish, and rather than making him feel bad about it she gave it a chance and played along. Which is what most people hope for in a relationship. Asshole boyfriend is the one who *should* be embarrassed, for being such a dick to a girlfriend who clearly loves him.

countryb_cth 38

My guess would be that the reason she's embarrassed is because her dick of a boyfriend told his friends something private about their sex life. She probably doesn't like having her sex life talked about and that's why she's embarrassed.