By PinkTornado - Canada
Today, I broke up with my boyfriend. After three long weeks of him ignoring me and cancelling out on time we were supposed to spend with each other. He looked at me with the most confused look on his face. Then he says ''Are you serious? I was planning the perfect day to ask you to marry me'' FML
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  enphinitie  |  20

Three weeks is a long time to be ignored by anyone. So she doesn't deserve it. He should have at least come up with a decent alibi for what he was doing that while time =

By  Claeric  |  0

Did you say sorry? Did you apologize? That sounds like something easily explained. You felt abandoned, but you werent, and it should have mostly been okay except for your inability to discuss things before taking action.

He's probably happy you broke it off BEFORE he married you and learned you dont know how to communicate, by the way.

By  n1col3  |  0

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  sloppyflow  |  1

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How can you guys be thinking about marriage with a relationship that lacks either that much communication or faith in the relationship. If you're willing to break how can you be ready to say yes?

By  Callyn  |  47

Planning the perfect day does not require you to cancel on your significant other for three weeks. I can see his FML post, but I think he brought it on himself.

  LiamColee  |  13

i dont think you understood any of what was said. the reason for the neglect and lose of time together was because of him taking time to plan the day while probably also balancing a full time job