By Recon - Switzerland
Today, I had gone to the store and bought a new wallet. 5 minutes later a security guard asks for my receipt. Turns out I had dropped my receipt. Some guy had picked it up and pretended I had stole his wallet. The guard confiscated my wallet because the guy had "his" receipt to prove it. FML
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By  nomadxx7  |  0

Yeah talk to the person that rung you up if it was that recent or request to talk to a supervisor to review the security tape. Also if you used a CC then the last 4 digits on the card would be on there and you could prove that it was yours. Sorry that FML sucks though

By  Bubs_fml  |  0

If you just let that douchebag take your wallet, then I don't know what to tell you. They must have security tapes showing you purchasing the wallet. Especially if you used a credit card, that should be more than enough to prove that you purchased it.

Had you put anything in the wallet before it was confiscated?

By  proxay  |  0

all I have to say is.... WTF?

This is why most of the time I ask for my receipt in the bag. But I understand how thats not possible for a wallet. BTW, did you pay for the wallet by cash or card? Cos if you paid by card your name (as it appears on the card) should be on the receipt.