By Anonymous - 20/02/2010 13:59 - United States

Today, my boyfriend proposed. Three hours later, he called me to tell me he was kidding. FML
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what a jerk....he deserves a swift kick to the sack

Give him a good hard shot to the jimmies and then go get a better boyfriend.


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he probly made the best choice in the long run.

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u shuld be happy it wasnt on ur wedding day that he changed his mind

wow his feet got really cold really fast... kinda like popstickles

Maybe he is just not ready at least you are not rushing into it only to have to divorce later

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...he later realized he had you confused with someone else.

what a jerk....he deserves a swift kick to the sack

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yea obviously that's what he said why did you repeat it.

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Because it is a hilarious way of suggesting a painful punishment.

no, he does not deserve that. Men hardly ever deserve that.

How is he a jerk? Yes, I'm sure she was hurt by this now, but it will save her from much more heartache later on. HE WASN'T READY. He did the right thing and probably spared them both from a much more complicated and unfit relationship in the future. OP: He most certainly should have given that decision a hell of a lot more thought and consideration, so I feel for you. But you may thank him later. And if you two do end up together, I'm sure you will both feel a lot more confident knowing he was *sure* he wanted to take the next step. 

A nice, intelligent way to put up the respone no one else was goikng to, Congrats!

But she said he said he was kidding. It's not like he said he changed his mind. There is a huge difference.

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He's a jerk because it was a joke, not a realization. If he had, in fact, said "I'm sorry about that, I'm not ready" then fine. But that wasn't the case. He made it a joke. That's an assholish thing to do.

kidding is code for having second thoughts people its a well known fact

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It might NOT be a huge difference. Maybe he DID chicken out when originally, he DID have the intentions to marry her. It could have been a joke to begin with, or the whole "Oh, it was just a joke!" response could have been his way of backing out; For what reason, none of us can be sure. (In the same way, none of us can be sure as to whether the whole thing really WAS a joke or not.) :)

If he PROPOSED to her (as the FML clearly states) ya know with like, an engagement ring, I highly doubt it was intended to be a joke considering it involved a pricey piece of bling.

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If he said he was kidding he obviously hadn't given it any thought and decided to trick her

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haha that made me laugh in a sincere manner.

Give him a good hard shot to the jimmies and then go get a better boyfriend.

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lol he must of been drunk, high, or a combination of both when he asked

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why would anyone do something like that?