By PinkTornado - 17/03/2009 14:20 - Canada

Today, I broke up with my boyfriend. After three long weeks of him ignoring me and cancelling out on time we were supposed to spend with each other. He looked at me with the most confused look on his face. Then he says ''Are you serious? I was planning the perfect day to ask you to marry me'' FML
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Ouch... how long were you together? Please tell me you didn't proceed with the breakup

I hope you work things out!!!!! This is the type of thing that would happen to me.


Eff that. You shouldn't feel bad. You had no idea.

we're so going to read: "today, as i was planning the perfect proposal of my girlfriend, she broke up with me. fml"

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Awww. But what the hell is wrong with him??? Three long weeks??? I would've dumped him too. I don't know but I smell bullshit.

I smell it, too. If my boyfriend ignored me for three weeks because he was "going to propose," I would be pretty fucking pissed.

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i agree #14, i think guy pulled a crap excuse by proposal in the order to get u stay together with him.

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even if he was theres no reaosn why he would ignore u and say u couldnt c eachother...that dosent make sense

Naw he said that to make you feel bad but really he was cheating on you. Don't worry about it no one turns down time with their gf to go figure out how they can ask them to marry them. I know i asked my gf to marry me two years ago and didn't miss a beat with her

If he's genuinely planning that, HE'S VERY DUMB. thats the worst plan ever. If anything else, HE'S VERY EVIL. just leave him.

Maybe next time you start with "I've been feeling like you've been pretty distant lately, is everything ok?" *before* jumping to the breakup portion. Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation not ending the relationship.

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What if she did but still didnt get any reply from him? OP did mention he's been ignoring her.

#18, Are you saying that you've been engaged to your girlfriend for two years now? Is it the kind of engagement where you want to get married or the kind of engagement where you don't want to break up?

Some people stay engaged for a long while because they have to save for their dream wedding. Others because life can get in the way causing them to postpone the big day. There's no need to be an ass about it.

Also, idk where you got the idea that they haven't gotten married yet... All he said was he asked her to marry him 2 years ago, nothing about when or if they actually got married. Don't jump to conclusions, especially if you're going to be an asshole about something with no facts.