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Today, I had a CT scan done after hitting my head, for fear of a concussion. Good news: no concussion. Bad news: the tumor they "accidentally" found. FML
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Sounds like lucky news to me. Without that accident you would have never known and caught it early.

I wouldn't say that's bad news, more like a blessing in disguise.


Sounds like lucky news to me. Without that accident you would have never known and caught it early.

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Oh, yeah, the OP should totally be looking on the bright side of getting a ******* brain tumor.

yeah they should. if they didn't catch it now it's not like it would go away. early detection on anything like this is great.

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They found it, possibly in its early stages, which could end up saving his life. I would say that’s the good news of the bad news spectrum

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Sorry to hear mate. It’s a good thing it got spotted but also devastating to have a tumour in the first place. I hope you do get better soon.

Wow that concussion was actually a piece of great luck!! Hopefully the odds are good at beating the tumor since it was found so early. Both people I knew who had brain tumors just acted weirder and weirder for years til someone thought to check for that. Not only is the cancer too advanced by that point for a good outcome, the personality changes (unexplained til near the end) alienated many of their loved ones, which caused huge guilt once the truth was known. I know it sucks to have cancer, but finding it before it's even symptomatic is like winning the lotto level good luck.

I'm sorry to hear that. It is a sad truth. either it is caught too late for intervention or something like this, a complete freak accident, catches it.

I wouldn't say that's bad news, more like a blessing in disguise.

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I don't think tgat was a CT. If anything it was an MRI. Because no doctor in ther sane mind would suggest, let alone do a CT on the head...

Actually, the can and do perform CT scans of the head. I've had one. They're easier and faster, as they don't use the contrast dye like they do in Mari's. The CT will show if there is a bleed in the brain or swelling. I had a concussion (didn't lose consciousness) but because I wasn't improving, they did the CT to check for bleeds.

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MRIs can also be performed without contrast liquid. Also using a CT to detect internal bleedings is hard enough, when the rays don't need to penetrate bones twice, do again. I couldn't think of a reason (Other than no MRI being available) why you would do a head-CT...

I've been checked that way too, but the CT should always be later on if you don't improve, not a 1st step diagnostic unless there is a really good reason to suspect a brain hemorrhage. (Loss of consciousness, stroke like symptoms) Even the American Academy of Neurology tells neurologists NOT to use a CT scan to diagnose concussion. But, since that is one heck of a bill they can send you or your insurance, why not?

Doctors use CT scans of the head all the time to look for subcranial bleeds and raised ICP. MRIs are waaay slower and more expensive

If i were you i would feel very blessed! Thank my God! And play the lottery. None will cause pain and you might get rich!!! Many good vibes coming your way op. Please post regular updates!!!

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You know, concussions can't actually be seen with a CT scan. Just doesn't work that way. It really only shows intracranial hemorrhaging. Neurologists overuse the CT scan because it is billable, it virtually never needs to be done, not just my opinion either, the American Academy of Neurology also agrees not to use a CT to diagnose a simple concussion. In your case, I'm glad your doctor was trying to screw over you/your insurance and found a tumor. I'd get a new neurologist though. I really hope it is benign and easily treatable though!

A CT scan would definitely be indicated by head trauma with altered consciousness specifically because it can detect subcranial bleeds. Most likely OP misunderstood why they were carrying out the scan - its an easy mistake to make, especially if he/she was confused at the time. It probably wasn't a neurologist who ordered it either, it would most likely have been an emergency room so an ER doctor.

you make it sounds like they put it there

Nothing to joke about. I wish you well. #fuckcancer