By jimbop - 23/05/2009 17:48 - Canada

Today, I was cuddling in bed with my girlfriend after a night of heavy drinking. She rolled towards me, looked me in the eyes and sweetly said, "I love you". Her morning breath was so bad that I had to jump up and rush to the bathroom to vomit, leaving a trail along the way. FML
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bonafidehustler 0

Yeah, this would definitely be way funnier from her perspective.

Eh, I wanted to throw up before from smelling someone's bad breath. But also, if you were both drinking the night before, throwing up in the morning isn't that difficult to do. Anything could've pushed you over, whether it'd be breakfast, noise, or your girlfriend's breath. Now, if you hadn't been drinking, then... FYL. There's a difference.


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ohhhhshizzz 0

Nahhh, f HER life, dude. She should have one, surpised she doesn't. Saying how you got sick by the thought of her loving you or something. Just explain or whatever. BUT I think it is a YDI.

Yeah she should be here..."Today I told my bf I loved him. He responded by throwing up. FML"

nolasaints 0

"today I woke up int the morning and told my husband that I loved him, he vomited! fml!!"

xO_starstruck_xO 0

YDI for dating a girl w/bad breath! & FYL for vomitting over it & she's your gf!

everyone has bad breath when they wake up. this all happened the second she got up so of course she didnt have time to brush her teeth.

bonafidehustler 0

Yeah, this would definitely be way funnier from her perspective.

#5- fail. and big deal. i'm sure your breath isn't any better

jio_freed 0

#5 i believe you meant FIFTH!

Every time you kiss her, you will be reminded of this moment.

i think i saw the girls fml of this a day or two ago... but maybe my immagination is just acting up. Anyone else remember that?