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Today, I attended my 10-year high school reunion. My ex-husband's new wife showed up in the same dress as mine. I guess both the dress and my ex-husband look better on her. FML
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That sucks darl! But hey she has your sloppy seconds

That's got to be painful, sorry to hear. Just keep your head high and don't let it show. Time heals.


That sucks darl! But hey she has your sloppy seconds

Good one! She got sloppy seconds, and as you are the original, she's trying to be like you!

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13- I don't know what I would have done without that over explanation! Thanks Cap'n!

Ah, 10 seconds in a woman's mind = 4000 assumptions. Suck it up buttercup, never let them see you sweat.

don't think like that, OP, I'm sure you rocked the dress just fine. and remember, he's your ex, so it's time to move on to someone cuter. she may loom better with him, but I'm sure someone way hotter will look fantastic with you!

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How kind of you to give your toys to the less fortunate(;

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Better yet, offer her your leftover sandwich and see if she wants that too.

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Obvious to the rescue! I know there are over 200 of the "100's" who needed that!

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Some might actually like the dress better on you and think he missed out on a lot by letting you go. Look for better looking guys who appreciate you!

I voted YDI because you were dumb enough to get married before you were 30; obviously it didn't work out. Go ahead, vote me down! I still think marrying young is a stupid idea, and you won't change my mind.

#105 I agree with you, however, I must say that I got married at 19 and we were very happy until the day he passed away. It is much harder to make a marriage work when you are young.

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I don't know why everybody is thumbing this down because that is a good comment!

Because it's teaching women to be vindictive bitches

Better to be a vindictive bitch than a pathetic doormat.

#93, An alternative to both is to hold your head up and be classy.

That's got to be painful, sorry to hear. Just keep your head high and don't let it show. Time heals.

Looks like 10 years wasn't enough time to heal...

It wasn't a party celebrating 10 years since the divorce. It was celebrating 10 years since high school graduation. For all we know, they could've gotten divorced a week ago.

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50 - That would suck terribly if it'd only been a week. The guy already has a 'new' wife.

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Righttt. The Hulk giving motivational advice....

Damn I totally misunderstood the meaning of your comment. I'm sorry that I sounded like a douche.

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yo wtf!? i wrote one of these and it didnt show up! this is bullshit!

Stay positive, OP. One day you'll attend your high school reunion with an unique dress and a loving husband. Sorry your marriage didn't work out, but shit happens.

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Why are you do concerned about your ex and his wife? Oh wait ..........your user name says it all. YDI

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20- Maybe you should learn how to spell the word "You're" before insulting another person's intelligence.

23- Maybe you should learn how to spell The word "your" before Insulting another persons intelligence.

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44- I never insulted their intelligence. Also, you're is correct. Your is for ownership.

Isn't your correct in the use of the first comment? Your username. Not: you are ( which is you're) username. That comment was rude but he did use " your" correctly.

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He said: ur stupid which implies you're stupid. I don't think he was insulting the OP of this thread.

20, 23, 53, it's you're. As in "You are stupid". Your is for ownership, like "Your stupid Aunt" and is just setting yourself up for a lifetime of mockery and "Your stupid what?" Jokes. Go back to primary school. And 9, you're still an internet douchebag.

Actually, in this context, "your" is correct. "you're" means you are, and that would make no sense.

74: You're stupid. They've explained why it's "you're" and not "your" and you're saying it doesn't make any sense. Go back to school!

Are you trolling? "You're" is correct for this, "your" is not.

For those of you saying "your" is correct, they are talking about the person who said, "Ur stupid", not the comment that's being replied to. Just clearing that up.

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At least your the braver person...some people wouldn't even come if they knew your ex husband and his new wife would be there. At least its only one night(:

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*youre *it's Sorry, I had to^_^

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Oh goodness. How embarrassing-_-