By Good Luck Chuck - 29/04/2013 17:07 - United States - Orlando

Today, my former fiancée, who I stopped seeing 5 months ago, married another guy. She wore the dress that I'd purchased for our would-be wedding. FML
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Always make the father of the bride pay for the dress.

Just keep your chin up man, karma catches people when they least expect it. I don't know why you still let her keep the dress though...


Always make the father of the bride pay for the dress.

rg350dx 29

The first thing I would do when the relationship ended would be to return that dress. Cha-Ching!

justfienne 12

Eh that might be an unrealistic expectation in some cases... Plus who expects the worst when planning for a wedding and buying the dress?? That's one instance where a man not thinking that the wedding dress he buys his fiancé could possibly be worn in her next, very soon-to-follow wedding isn't too far fetched. Lol

she was well dressed for the ocassion at least

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I wonder why OP stopped seeing her? More info is needed

People break up sometimes. It doesn't always have to be for some scandalous reason.

A wedding dress is considered a gift and he couldn't take it back. I know I'm divorced. I couldn't even get the ring back that I sold my motorcycle for.

#1, If he's from West Virginia, he might actually be the father of the bride...

#102: Here's the law... If you haven't married the girl yet and she breaks off the engagement, the ring is legally yours. Once you've married he girl, it belongs to her - whoever ended it.

Just keep your chin up man, karma catches people when they least expect it. I don't know why you still let her keep the dress though...

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totally agree. i dont understand people who re-use items with sentimental value..

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Well she didnt do anything for her to expect karma for all we know it could be op's fault for their relationship failing and he should have taken the dress

12 Items can lose their sentimental value.

mmizbbz210 13

yea.. i thought about that after i commented.

They still mean and are a reminder of something though...

LuckBeNimble 19

11: sure she did. she waited ONLY 5months after her failed relationship to marry someone else. even if the end was OPs fault, such a short grace period is in poor taste.

Sonfang 19

#11 while that is possible, think on it this way; she's marrying someone she's possibly only known 5 months. I believe in soul mates and true love, but in my experience, most people date for a few years, then get engaged for at least 6-9 months (to plan the wedding, invite guests, florist, etc.) then marry. But maybe, just maybe she was cheating on OP with her now husband, and Op ended it. Still earning her bad karma.

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If you give it to her as a gift, it's hers to keep no matter what. That's why people shouldn't propose on holidays or birthdays.

DKjazz 20

Am I the only who thinks she was cheating during OP's engagement, and now that's who she's marrying?

Well, maybe it would have been a little low of him to take back a dress since he has no immediate use for it. It could have been tailored to fit her, too.

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"This was is my time to shine" and you're not even first .

Mods got to it, looks like. Thank you, mods. You are beautiful.

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Unlucky is (I assume) already understood throughout the context of the post. Which is why it is on FML, no need to reiterate that, sir.

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"Here comes the bride, all dressed in... Hmmm that dress looks suspiciously familar..

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That sucks bro, you should have gotten the dress back or something :

just what would he have done with it? They're made to measure so he couldn't get a refund. Should he specify the size on his okcupid profile to make sure it fits the next woman he wants to marry?

OP, how come you didn't take your dress with you when your relationship ended?

If you paid for it, you have the right to take it back

perdix 29

#13, a jilted groom with a wedding dress? Nothing weird could possibly happen now!

bamagrl410 31

But even if he did take it back from her, what would he do with it? Often times you can't take wedding dresses back to the store. And I wouldn't suggest giving it to his future bride either. So then he ends up with a dress that is of no use.

83--he could sell it at a consignment shop. He probably would not recuperate even half, but at least he would get some money. Or Guy Fawkes day is about 6 months away; this year, he can wear a dress.

probably because it doesn't fit him very well?

That's not the best thing... Although, I'm wondering why she would accept a proposal after 5 months (at the most. Unless she cheated on you.) But that's just me.

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My ex got married just a few months after we ended our engagement, but it only lasted a few months after that. Even he admitted it was just a rebound relationship and he was just depressed because we had split up. That could be the case for a lot of fast-paced relationships.

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My ex was engaged and had a woman knocked up within a month of me canceling our wedding. He would be married now to the woman if the divorce to the woman before me was ever finalized. I broke it off when I found out he was still married (he told me he was divorced).

Well, I had thought that it was a rebound anyway and that it wouldn't last. But you never know, I guess. There's always the chance that they're actually really good together.