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By  the_true_batman  |  10

I bet you recently had a break up where your ex told you that you have a big head?
I think your head was so big the owl couldn't avoid it.


Seinfeld reference. Elaine broke up with a guy who told her she had a big head, and a bird flew into it and a witness said "it was like he saw your head, but he just couldn't avoid it".

  DelphiCat  |  17

It did not say Hedwig was a 'snowy barn owl', the reason being a SNOWY owl is one species and a BARN owl is another - they are separate and do not interbreed.

Much more entertaining is the fact snowy owls only come in two colours, white (male) and grey (female). This of course means that the owls used to portray Hedwig, a female, in the films are all male.

On a different note, the wingspan of a barn owl is a good meter, so either you have freaking massive windows, it wasn't a barn owl, or at the very least it was not a 'giant barn owl', but rather an awfully small one...

  Warden1986  |  16

I was going to say the same thing on a Harry potter note. I was going to say he was trying to give you, your letter to attend Hogwarts.

Ps owls and barn owls are located in many place. specially north America.

  Hidur  |  10

They use owls to give acceptance letters. Slytherin is full of twats. Naturally their delivery owl would be a twat too, right? That was my joke

  jellycorn  |  13

Ah, I see.
Actually, if OP was a muggle born (seemingly likely-he/she is using muggle technology) a ministry representative would come and explain Hogwarts and magic in general.

If you want to get technical about it.