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Today, I ran into an old high school friend while out with my husband. When she inquired who I was married to, I pointed to my husband, who was looking at shirts. She laughed and said, "No really?", insinuating that I couldn't get anyone that good looking. FML
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Jealous:) maybe she just meant that you were to pretty for him..


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awww! if u like him, then that's all that matters.

what? op us saying the friend didn't think she could get anyone that good looking

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ohh I misunderstood the fml.. my bad. does anyone know how to delete a comment?

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And you call this person an old "friend"

But you did get him OP! Kudos to you :)

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Well then, when he walked over to you I hope you were all like "BITCH, WHAT NOW?"

It doesn't matter what she thinks, you're the one who's married to him.

it doesn't matter if you love him, or capital HIM

why is this an FML? she's sayin your husband is attractive. that's a good thing haha

If this is really becoming a problem to you, you should divorce him and marry an ugly man.

dianadoll 23

Jealous:) maybe she just meant that you were to pretty for him..

'obviously OP agrees' with what? That she's too good looking for her husband? 'insinuating that I couldn't get anyone that good looking' Why would she say her husband is good looking if she thinks she's above him?

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People need reading glasses. But maybe the friend DID mean that OP was too good for her husband. That was the reaction Marge got when she and Homer went to their HS reunion ;P

Yup, there is every possibility that she did mean it that way but OP clearly thinks she's married up not down. Without being able to see them we don't know which is true..

dudeitsdanny 9

I try so hard to avoid these, but it's people like you who drag me down.. Where the **** is the sarcasm in your post, you incredible ******* moron? Does your tiny walnut of a brain even know what sarcasm is? I thought you were just going blind, but now I see that you're just a simple idiot trying to sound smart or cool or.. like anytging more than the waste of cells you are. Learn what sarcasm is before you try to cover up your lack of brain cells by crying "HERRPDURRDERP! DAT WAS SARCASUM! I R NOT AS STUPID AS I MAKE MYSELF OUT TO BE BY NOT KNOWING WHAT SARCASUM IS HURRRR!"

lol yeah.. Who needs to look up the word sarcasm?

Lol, Danny, you are the best. I always love your comments. :D

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Maybe she's just ashamed at how her husband looks..

#62 can you get laid? Don't you need a few brain cells for that?

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FYL for relating 30 year old cartoons filled with dry humor to real life...

are you talking about the simpsons comment? That show is only in its 22nd year, a far cry from 30..

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"Just decided to throw this in: Too many people on here take shit way too seriously. You jump at the first sign of a mistake with insults. Way too many of you need to chill, maybe get yourselves a dealer and smoke one. Insults make you look petty, nothing more, and there's too many people like that on here." - from your profile, #53. While it does look like Stewman is trying to cover up his previous comment, you're not much better, the hypocrite that you are. Now then, where did you apply any part of your advice to your comment? definitely not the "need to chill" part- you just about exploded on the guy as if he stabbed your mother. If I had to point out a characteristic of yours from that comment, I would say you have extreme anger issues. (Not saying you actually do have any) Your comment is extremely insulting, highly condescending (on ridiculous levels) and you are most definitely being petty and jumped the poor sod. Did he read the FML wrong? seems like it, honest mistake. Did he try to cover it up? also likely. Stupid, but not really that bad, a lot of people do stupid things when they feel embarrassed. You should take your own advice. Also, here's another one for you - don't be a hypocrite.

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^Did you read the first part of my post, where I said I hate doing that, blahblahblah? Yes? Okay, question answered. Not hypocrisy, a short-tempered day on finals week, which is why I included the first part. And added humor with the herpy end. Are we happy now? But I apologize for losing my temper once in a while. He deserved it, and a cactus, though. One thing I hate is people calling everything sarcasm. And The Simpsons is an extremely funny show, this coming from someone selective about humor, full of allegorical, philosophical objects and themes, as well as intelligent allusions. Family Guy is a bad show, though I continue to watch new episodes. I will always defend The Simpsons, especially considering what passes for television nowadays.

Simpsons was good when it first came out, but now it's pretty much terrible with all the original writers moving to Futerama (hilarious show, btw). nd you were being hypocritical btw, if you really did hate doing tht, you wouldn't have done it. But thats just my two cents.

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You only bitch slap bitches. Bitch. *Slap* Now I have to say JK for I won't be hated.

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Did you write "MR" just so people would stop asking you the same question over and over and over?(:

No, the S just doesn't fit in the thumbnail. I got your back Mrs. Assy Pants!!

hey don't sweat it, she was probably just jealous :)

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what a bitch. just be happy you have him and forget about her

you mean jealous? dumbass... I'm no grammar natzi but at least spell right

SteelCladAngel 0's spelled 'nazi' you dumbfuck. If you're going to nag at people for spelling you should probably make sure your own isn't ****** up.

at least u have a goodlooking husband?

yeah if anything her saying "no really" is like picking you up, when you reply, "um yeah that's my husband, and he rocks my friggin world every night" she will feel like an absolute turd because she couldn't get him. My girl always tells me that I'm so far out of her league, which I hate, because its like, eventually I might start believing her and seeing what else I can get out there.

88 then you obviously don't care about her much. Instead of that convince her otherwise and tell her you love her the way she is. girls say that sometimes for you to prove you love her, or if she's not confident with her looks.

Prove her wrong by sucking him off right there.

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LOOL! Ya because there's no other way she can prove it right lol

If you have a good-looking husband and you're happy, then what she says is quite irrelevant, isn't it?