By hatemyboss - 03/11/2011 16:13 - Canada

Today, I gave my boss a nick name. Everyone thought it was funny. Unfortunately "The Troll" was behind me and heard everything. FML
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saIty 17

I bet he had his troll face on ready to fire you.

DanGleesak 11


saIty 17

I bet he had his troll face on ready to fire you.

I bet he said "you're fired" in a troll voice.

tjv3 10

he has a nick name for you too, it's the fired guy

And the coworkers were probably amused, not so much by the nickname itself, but because of the fact that they could see your boss behind you the whole time.


I dont know why this guy is getting so bent out of shape. What does he expect when he has bright green hair and a jewel for a belly button, what a drama queen.

IphonFML 6

wait! :O so what did u name ur boss!? and whos troll!???

well u didnt give him the name troll for nothing!

Because trolls are known for zheir stealth skills?

Eskeddit 5

The Troll isn't even a good nickname. Ydi for that reason.

Never give ur boss a nickname when ur in the work place!

Yea exactly if ur gonna talk shit about ur boss do it with ur actual friends and not coworkers while ur working

Chloe2008 0

If your going to give a nickname for your boss make sure that you can have something good to say about it just in case he/she finds out

Yeah, you're such a hotshot ******* around behind someone's back. If you got balls you do it in someone's face, or don't do it at all. Heroes...

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iFizzgig 11

People thumbing this down have obviously never heard the story The Billy Goat's Gruff. Therefore they believe my comment is irrelevent.

ReesesPuffs 0

Stop crying if you get thumbed down... It doesn't matter. Watch me get thumbed down for insulting, and I won't give two *****.

I am performing that in my acting class for special Ed kids. So yes, I get it.

brettlovesgirls 4

22 - Die in a hole for stealing enonymous's picture. Unoriginal copyfuck.

iFizzgig 11

Do you see me crying? I don't give two ***** either. :)

No, people thumbing you down not only think you're not funny, but think you're so painfully not funny that just ignoring isn't an option.

Yeah OP, Don't you know to spin your chair around every time you make a joke? #Sarcasm

Well, as least you weren't "Forever Alone" in your comic mischief, yet you should have asked him "You mad, bro?". I would have then sat down to a nice bowl of cereal and played truth or dare. Dare him to forget the whole event happened, he'll reply "challenge accepted" and when you're done you can look back and say "**** yeah". And should you get fired, I guess you'll be yelling "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-". Memes initiated.

idiot you sooo deserved that one. hope you got terminated.

Why? Lots of people have stress and need to vent! He just chose the wrong people! And you don't talk about others?????? Never?

stacianichole 2

Oops. Just did...called a stranger an idiot... Remember?

I vent with a bottle of booze and a handgun.