By elizio - 04/08/2015 11:59 - United States - Trenton

Today, I went to a high school reunion. An old friend I hadn't seen in a while suddenly came up to me and gasped, "Oh, thank God!" I was about to greet her and catch up when she added, "I'm not the only one who gained weight!" FML
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And this is why people avoid reunions

mds9986 24

Well she insulted herself too at least.


Happens to the best of us OP

mds9986 24

Well she insulted herself too at least.

smack that bitch.

Come on. Don't condone violence.

And this is why people avoid reunions

I think you found a workout buddy OP! Congrats

Maybe the OP is happy at their current weight/already works out.

rahulcool7 14

Working out is still important tho

Some people only care about vain stuff, OP, don't even listen to her.

johnny29 14

it was just a joke, you would normally expect that from your high school friends

high school reunions are just a way to find out who succeeded and who failed.

I would go to one to be all 'look I've blossomed from a tragic nerd to someone content and happy!', but really the only people worth sharing that with know it anyway because they've stuck with me the whole time.

I dunno. I'm still friends and regularly hang out with around 80% of my close high school friends (this is 6 years later), plus since it's a small town I see my high school friendly acquaintances every now and then at events. Add FaceBook to the mix, and I'm still pretty up to date with the majority of people I knew. But since my friends either live in different cities with different schedules (families, work, school, etc), or run in slightly different cliques, it's rare we all get together to hang out. So honestly I wouldn't mind going to a reunion. It would be a way to get my friends to really set a day aside for us all to hang out and party a bit.

LadyLuck93 20

I agree with this. It hasn't even been 5yrs since I graduated high school & already when I bump into these noisy pricks with the cynical attitude, they ask what im doing, if I go to university etc & them on the other hand they just brag & brag about how fabulous they got. Like why the hell are you sharing this information with me, if we used to be enemies? man, people never change.

corky1992 33

I have a 5 year reunion next week and I have no intention on going. I cannot stand over half of my graduating I don't see the point lol. I may reconsider for the 10 year. I just think 5 years is too soon.

Blackbiker_fml 7

Not quite, high school reunions are rather to bang someone you couldn't back in the days, or you didn't for some other reason. Usually you can tell pretty accurately both the future winners and losers in high school. Went to the 15 years reunion of my high school just 3 months ago and it was right like i'm saying - the biggest successes were those who were doing well and trying hard and the failures - all the people who gained weight, through pregnancies or drugs/alcohol, boring little lives with boring little jobs (or even worse, none of that) were rightfully as expected, the biggest current losers. No pun intended to OP but if you were hot in high school, well, you sort of deserve it...

I had no idea 5 year ones even existed!

I think everyone gains weight after high school. Adults don't weigh as much as kids.

Wow, so people still go to school reunions. Impressive. I don't have a clue about mine. My husband told me the other day that he wants me to come to his high school reunion. We grew up in the same town.. haha. We have two high school's in our town. We went to opposite high school's. I don't know how he's going to hunt down a high school reunion, but hey! Lol Sorry about the comment she made to you. Shows her insecurity. She could have lied straight through her teeth too. It's all up to you whether you want to ignore her comment and choose to be proud of yourself or not. Your opinion of yourself is what matters.