By jimmy_poison - 09/02/2015 00:19 - New Zealand - Hamilton

Today, my date bumped into her ex-husband, who decided to join us for the rest of the dinner. FML
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You should have reminded her he's an EX husband for a reason..

#1 is referring to our small population, where you're always bumping into people you know. But still no need for hashtags here sorry mate.


#1 is referring to our small population, where you're always bumping into people you know. But still no need for hashtags here sorry mate.

#thatakwardmoment when you realise this isn't Twitter

You should have reminded her he's an EX husband for a reason..

Wow. Hope you expressed to her how disrespectful that was after the fact, since she was clearly to dense to understand that in the first place.

We don't know that the date wanted him there at all. We also don't know whether she said anything or not. You can't blame the date for the ex deciding to invite himself.

If you let an ex join you for dinner, you're clearly ok with it. And OP deserves it for not asking the ex to leave or leaving himself. And I sure as hell hope he didn't pay.

DenBriZel 31

Well that's....awkward. Sorry OP!

Was she okay with this?? I assume he was just being a prick but what do I know.

You know, It is okay for ex anything to be friends even though they may no longer be together. Some people realize they are better off as friends and split up. Now in his defense, she should have said something to the effect of her ex does still come around, but strictly on a friend to friend basis. In this instance he was unaware, therefore possible threatened by his presence. Obviously I could be wrong by not knowing OP's female companion on a personal level, but there is always that possibility.

#27, it's one thing to still be friends with your ex-partner, and a whole other thing to invite yourself out to dinner with them on a date. That's intrusive and weird. Obviously we don't know if OP's date was okay with this which is a pretty important piece of the puzzle.

Yea you read way too far into that one #27

gobiteme2 34

Well #27 I really don’t think the OP was thrilled with this or he wouldn’t have put it on FML.

I would have asked him to leave. And when I say ask, I mean tell him to get the **** out. He's her ex, and doesn't really have the right to interfere with her or your date night. I really hope you didn't pay for his mean, even if it was a petite salad.

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Everyone's saying that OP should have told him to leave, which i agree with, but what about his date?? Shouldnt she have been the one to make the guy leave? and if he didnt listen to her then OP step in to put some sexy authority into the situation? and then the ex woulda left and the girl would have been so infatuated with the way OP handled things, and then they'd go home and make sweet, sweet lov-- hmm i think i got a little sidetracked... what was i saying?

I agree, she should have said something. But Frankly, if it were me, I might just be too shocked or embarassed to do anything. I feel really sorry for his girl, and I think he should have been man enough to stand up to the other guy.

YDI for not telling him to leave. Don't have to be rude about it but who cares if you are, it's rude for him to sit there in the first place.

DavidKnows 11

I would have used this to my advantage. Exactly why is he an EX? What information about their marriage failure could you have discovered? He obviously knows things about HER that you do not. What is HIS side of the story? What are her shortcomings?

He could find those things out on his own, with time he would get to know her he doesn't need to ask her ex stuff like that besides I doubt he would of been very truthful about since he was already trying to **** block OP by inviting himself on their date.

Yea, I prefer to learn about someone from my own personal experiences with them. Not everyone is the same with every person, and her ex is going to most likely be pretty biased, and not the right person to ask. especially when it sounds like he was trying to sabotage her date.

Even if he invited himself to eat with you lot, I hope you eventually made him leave. No wonder he's her ex.

Should have ditched and leave them with the bill.