By boyfriend123 - 18/08/2011 10:02 - United States

Today, my girlfriend woke me up at 5 a.m. because she thought someone was watching her from the park. It was a trash can. FML
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Maybe it was that other FML's neighbour with the wifi password "TheRapistDownstairs" staring at her from the trashcan.

Or maybe it was just the hobo hiding inside...

Guess you were tricked by his epic disguise.

I meant to say that to the guy above you lol

There was probably a hobo in said trashcan. I always feel like...somebody's watching meee!!

She was giving you a bunch of garbage when she said that.

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Why are so many of these comnents thumbed down? Are FML'ers that cynical that you need a REALLY good joke to get thumbs? **** this, I'd rather deal with youtube.

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I would have put her in the garbage can and then went back to bed

95 - FML isn't about ***** n' giggles.... Someones haavingg a hissyyyyfiiitttt.......

its climbin' in through yo windows, snatchin' yo rubbish up!

I always feel like/somebody's watching me And I have no privacy...

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It feels like... Someone... Wants to sell me Something!!!

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... Gieco money stack? I think so.

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it cud seriously be a ninja in disguise!

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yes, did you think of checking INSIDE the trash can?

2 - Hahaha, that was the first thing that I thought of when I read this

If he goes inside the trashcan, then he'll wind up in Grouchland!

Kids: Oscar you are such a grouch! Oscar: BITCH I LIVE IN A ******* TRASHCAN!!!! IM THE POOREST ************ ON SESAME STREET!!! NOBODY'S HELPING ME!!!!!

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^^^ The truth behind that sad green bastard.

your mom changed my opinion of sesame street. ooooohhhh burnnn! I don't get it.....

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^thats not the right way to eat pussy;)

Anyone think of checking for gnomes? They're sneaky little *******.

44 - gotta love chappelle haha. "they even had the nerve to put a pimp on the show. they didn't come out and call him a pimp but I know a pimp when I see one. he had the cape and everything. they called him the count. how many slaps do I have to give you?? ahh oneeee ahhh twoooo ahhh threee. threee slapssss aaahh-ahhh-ahhh"

i hope you at least had sex afterwards.... hahaha

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Jeez, and I thought WE were supposed to be the pervs...

Women are dirty,some just dont want you to know

#20 is correct to a degree. Not all woman of course, but if you do find one, oh boy it's fun, dirty dirty fun! :)

Maybe she knew it was just a trash can, and wanted sex as an ulterior motive, but I doubt it. On the bright side, I'm sure they at least cuddled after, assumming OP didn't act mad for being woken up for that.

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I instantly thought "tweeker..."

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Was that a clever Bin Laden joke? (since he used to be pretty good at hiding)

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I was think more along the lines of a trash 'bin'. That would be much more relative anyway.

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33- "Used to be" We shot that mutha fucka in the face. Amurrica, **** YEAH!

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102- How can you even be sure that you guys did kill him? The little ****** was 'buried at sea' and no one ever even saw his body. You better hope that diver finds him, otherwise there's a suicidal terrorist zombie on the loose.

37- Oh yeah. That makes a lot more sense.

Lolololololololololol!!!!!11!1!!1!1!!11! Hopefully thats enough of that for everyone, and the end of it

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(takes in deep agonizing breath, looks left then right, starts to feel how much pain is being put on by the amount of air in lungs, so much about to explode...) Lol, no.

Many people wake up at 5 am ... This is hardly an FML.

Hide yo kids. Hide yo wife. Cause Oscar the Grouch is stalking errbody out there.

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I just stared at your pic for a solid 2 minutes.