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Today, I asked the girl I like to send me 'yummy pictures.' I got a picture of cheesecake. FML
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We all love cheesecake! What kind?

I don't really enjoy cheesecake. I do like chicken, bacon, and ice cream.

I may just be a freak of nature but I don't like cheesecake.

I love bacon myself. I should bacon myself. Hmm... O.o

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lbumbblebee 5

lol, assassins can't have cheesecake, because it slows them down. and we could break buildings that way.

OP ur such a perv she isn't even your gf? u really think just cuz u like her means she's going do **** shoots ???

2ndSucks 15

Was it turtle cheesecake? Cause that stuff is the best, I'd take that over 'yummy pictures' any day. Maybe reword your request next time.

enonymous 8

Worst part it was a picture of her pale ass with a carrot down the crack

juicedboi 7

Way to a mans heart is through his stomach. She clearly knows what she is doing. Props to the cake lady.

2ndSucks 15

85- a carrot is better than a fork?

93. your nasty. cheesecake is ******* orgasmic. so in a sense what that girl did was just as good. as for OP, assuming what you really wanted was nude pictures. using the word "yummy" doesn't exactly insinuate what you want.

Exactly 104! And you asked for it OP, therefore YDI.

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well yu guys already passed the cheesecake phase whats next? carrot cake? horny teens these days

#1, nice profile pic, I love Minecraft too.

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35- I hate cheesecake so ur not the only one

I actually did the exact same thing today; The cheesecake is sooo good too!

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I love making cheesecakes. They're quite yummy and fun to make. Awesome all around! I think this girl is a genius for sending OP a pic of cheesecake. OP so deserves it.

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19 lol good one but still, he's an ass!

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It's not a yummy picture when I'm around cheesecake or ****, haha

rallets 22

doesnt he lose ManPoints for saying "yummy"?

he loses quite a few. YDI OP for not being clear enough. if she understood what you meant and still sent that picture then she is awesome lol. banoffee cheesecake is still delicious regardless :).

wow...when someone asks for a nude who says "yummy pics"? haha.

well maybe next rime be more specific :P I would have done the same

we all love bacon even, thats why i watch epic meal time

Is that a reference to the bed intruder song?

If she doesn't understand what you mean then guess what? SHES TOO YOUNG FOR YOU BRO haha

Personally, I think **** are better than cheesecake.

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buy he said yummy so technically she sent him something that was yummy.

62- only if you put chocolate syrup and whipped cream on them.

bacon cheesecake. the dessert sent from heaven

Personally, I would rather take a nice bite out of some cheesecake than some ****. But you know, to each man his own opinions.

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Agreed. Strawberry cheesecake is awesome too. :')

Cheesecake is yummy! You should've said thanks dick

Cheesecake is yummy. I'd react the same way. :P

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this is a FML b/c op didn't get any cheesecake

I agree, better than degrading yourself to a pig like OP

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Obviously this girl is waaaay too good for this guy. She actually has some self respect. So yes, amazing she is for not giving into to his bull shit. Kudos to her.

nicobington 1

Jesus christ way too feminists right now good god

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best. girl. ever. 4 once she has common sense!!!

Well you asked for 'yummy pictures' didn't you?

I think OP didn't want to come out and straight up say, "Show me your boobs"

abceasyas123abc 12

If he's brazen enough to ask for explicit photos from a girl who is not even his girlfriend then why not just go the extra mile and stop hiding behind a euphemism..?

I don't see no problem, cheesecakes the best!

Umm ydi... Just send another more specific txt... I see 3 options here, she has a sense of himor, she's really stupid, or she's not comfortable sending you "yummy pictures"

Or a combination of the first and third option.

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^^and the nazis speak up once again...

Ha ha 183, you're from Winterpeg. :-P

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But cheese cake is yummy :D

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why fyl??? cheesecakes are yummy

Lol cant come off as a weirdo if your gonna creep. Just ask for the nudes

Isn't that a bit too far? I mean, you arent even dating and shes already sending you pics of cheesecake? What a *****.

exactly! next she's going to cover it in chocolate syrup or something.

proxxX069069 7

with the strawberries on top :D

Strawberries! Who taught you to think like that missy!?

what about some delicious white whipped cream?

abceasyas123abc 12

Oh my, those will all really get the juices flowing.

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Oh shit! What about sprinkles?!

Sprinkles on cheesecake? What the **** is wrong with you?! YOU MONSTER!!

proxxX069069 7

49- I got it from my momma =P lol

This conversation is getting me hot.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I find this easy to ********** to.

proxxX069069 7

sorry guys i didn't mean too make it soo steamy

grab your knife and split that cake sweetheart (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)