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  dolphincheddar  |  10

93. your nasty. cheesecake is fucking orgasmic. so in a sense what that girl did was just as good. as for OP, assuming what you really wanted was nude pictures. using the word "yummy" doesn't exactly insinuate what you want.

  wolflover44  |  5

I love making cheesecakes. They're quite yummy and fun to make. Awesome all around!

I think this girl is a genius for sending OP a pic of cheesecake. OP so deserves it.

  Slim2306  |  10

he loses quite a few. YDI OP for not being clear enough. if she understood what you meant and still sent that picture then she is awesome lol.
banoffee cheesecake is still delicious regardless :).

  skizzlerz  |  0

Obviously this girl is waaaay too good for this guy. She actually has some self respect. So yes, amazing she is for not giving into to his bull shit. Kudos to her.