By LAME - 23/02/2009 08:09 - United States

Today, I was at my ex-girlfriend's house, who I still have a major crush on. After cuddling as we watched a movie, she began to show me several pictures she had taken on her phone, and asked which ones I liked the best. She then sent the pictures I had chosen, to a guy she had met a week ago. FML
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Soooo, you were cuddling with your ex why?

Move on. Just move on. Nothing good will come from this.


This was all your doing.

Girls tend to keep guys on their hooks just to make themselves feel better. Yourw hurting yourself more by going along with it. Don't fall for it Op

that's because women are selfish. Don't pay any attention to any of these comments saying she's not the right one. Because I know how this all probably started. You both broke up but she still wanted to be friends. You thought, sure why not, thinking that maybe there was a chance to get back together if you stayed on good terms. But what you didn't realize, was that she's over you and she doesn't give a shit if you are over her or not. She just likes having you around so when she fails with other guys, she has you to go to to make her feel better. Friends my ass. Women need to learn that men need more time to get over you before you try the whole friends thing. And it's fucked up that she used you to impress that new guy. Self centered bitch

I'm a woman and I agree!

Ohgod. I agree. But clumping ALL woman into this category is just stupid. It's just like saying "All men are cheaters"

Move on. Just move on. Nothing good will come from this.

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@ #7 It's ridiculous to pin the recover time on gender... it as to do with personality more than anything, as well as the investment someone had in a relationship. The same thing happened to me, with my ex boyfriend wanting to be friends and I just couldn't take a platonic relationship. 'Women' aren't selfish... that woman in particular is. So yes, she's a bitch and someone who obviously isn't the right one. There are plenty of women- and men- who are much more sensitive to other people's feelings than this girl is.

Soooo, you were cuddling with your ex why?

Dude, don't be a cuddle slut. She's using you as an emotional crutch until she can find someone else. If you're going to cuddle, at least get something out of it first...otherwise you're a CHUMP!

"Today, I was at my ex-girlfriends house"... And that's when I clicked "You deserved that one."

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what a bitch you should get her back

Wow... she just met a guy and was cuddling with you? The ex. If I were you I wouldn't even want to bother with her.

You know what, i have the same shit happen to me, my girl of three years was also someone else's girl of three years....