By emselin - 18/09/2012 20:07 - Denmark - Niv

Today, someone brought cake to class. Trying to get some attention from the guy I have a crush on, I asked if he wanted my piece of cake. He accepted it, and then offered it to another girl. FML
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Keep doing that OP, and his crush will become obese. Then he's all yours.

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that monkeys get very angry when you kick them off your roof expecting them to fly.


Sorry to hear that OP, maybe he's not the one for you?

Last class, I gave you my cake, but the very next girl, you gave it away

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You guys were basically playing hot potatoes with a cake. "pass it on , pass it on"

At least he saved OP a lot of time she would be spending trying to get him to like her

Maybe he thought you were handing it out to everyone, not just him specifically. So maybe he thought it was ok to hand it out.

Look on the bright side op she's going to get fat and you won't :) then he will Come back haha

Is anyone else wondering why OP was getting him the cake? She didn't bring it in, so obviously if he wanted a piece he would have gotten up to get it on his own. since it wasn't OPs cake, I don't get why this is an FML.

Yeah, because everyone wants a guy they know is shallow...don't try and be his choice by him you are amazing and right for him and if you don't catch his eye OP then he might not be the one. See if you have guy friends who maybe like you that you just never thought of in that way, they can usually be the ones who care the most. But make sure they are right for you too!

flockz 19

that monkeys get very angry when you kick them off your roof expecting them to fly.

People will write anything to have a comment posted

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that she has no man AND no cake.

It tells me that he could be a very nice person. I imagined a scenario where OP gave the cake to her crush, and the crush thanked her for it. But maybe then he saw a girl that was too shy to get her own, so he offered her his cake. Am I the only one who thought of this? Or he could just be a jerk, as the majority is assuming.

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Wow, that was a little mean. He should at least thank you for your kindness even if he didn't get the impression you were trying to get his attention from a romantic point of view. I'm sorry :( There's plenty of fish left in the sea OP ;)

But she doesn't want just any fish, she wants nemo :(

The FML never mentioned if he said thank you or not.

There's plenty of fish in the sea, and Denmark has lots of coastline. No worries, op!

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Golden magickarp only fish for me...

Keep doing that OP, and his crush will become obese. Then he's all yours.

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Kill her with kindness over the course of months. The perfect plan

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^That teaches people to take advantage of you. Stick up for yourself in a mature way.

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36- I didn't know being kind meant people automatically take advantage of you. How is she supposed to stick up for herself? The other girl did nothing wrong and the boy could do anything he wanted with his new cake. Kindness is a disappointingly rare thing these days. Don't discourage it.

hopsinlove17 26

I'm not discouraging it. I try to be as kind as possible and people tend to "walk all over me." Society is ****** and there's not much anyone can do about it. Not trying to be a negative nancy or anything...

loserboii 11

You're not discouraging it, but you say it teaches people to take advantage of you if you are nice? Right.

I think he means "be kind, but with discretion." I'm a walking doormat too. At least I never gave any of my cake away. Got to have something.

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Is it bad that the only thing I could think about reading this post was Fat Princess?

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I like how you think #5, I like how you think ;) lmfao!

It was said in a previous comment, but maybe you didn't get the picture. So giving OP's crush more cake to keep feeding to the other girl for the purpose of making her obese means that he will automatically just go back to OP? And this would also make the crush extremely shallow? Because I'm sure all women want that, that must be what I'm doing wrong.

Learn from that other girl to know what it takes

hopsinlove17 26

Or be yourself...? When did that go away?

Swag can't do anything for you in life... other than make you sound like a giant douche.

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39- I read your comment in Donkey from Shrek's voice.

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Lmao i might be the first person to not like cake...or maybe i like it deeeeep deeep down. Probably not. But what i really dont like is chocolate :D

And he gave it to get the attention of the girl he has a crush on. :P Domino effect? Did she eat the cake or pass it on to her crush?

gmc_blossom 21

Maybe eventually the person that has a crush on OP would give it to her. :0

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I remember when I was in fourth grade…

After checking your age and description on your profile, it's safe to say you not only remember it, you are stuck in it!

33- before you ripped on 13, you should have changed your picture.

I want to up vote your comment because it's funny, but the urge to down vote you because of your profile is just as urgent. Thus, inaction is the course of action to be taken here.

13, please tell me that you are lying about your age.