By Anonymous - 27/09/2012 02:29 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my girlfriend told me what turns her on: cheese. FML
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Well that's no gouda.

habibiiiiiii 2

Cheese is amazing


habibiiiiiii 2

Cheese is amazing

I am absolutely obsessed with cheese, so, I can definitely see where this fetish would come from.

habibiiiiiii 2

What would that fetish entail?

Behold: the power of cheese.

Next time walk in the room with nothing but swiss cheese covering you.

27, I'm sure it would involve cheese

dragonstrike94 8

Well at least itll be easy then

Wonder if she likes dickcheese..

Osito2011 9

Santa loves cheese too!

It's not easy being cheesy (puts on sunglasses) YEAH

I hope you got your foreskin.

As Eminem said..."so lick the cheese from under my nuts"

lebronesque73091 12

Well you can't blame her, cheese is really good.

Well that's no gouda.

I bet that was a brie-z to make

It's the story of our cheddar-ation.

Guys, she can't help what she likes. Stop treating her like a muenster.

DKjazz 20

That was pretty sharp, 52.

Well, I was just feta-p with the way OP's poor girlfriend was being treated, that's all. It's nacho business or mine what she's into.

Inheritance 10

Buy her some can cheese and crackers then. That should be exciting for her.

Skip the crackers and spray it on yourself. .... In places. ... So she can lick it off. ... Like your penis. ...

And your anus

Right in the dairy-erre!

C'mon guys, by now she's probably feeling pretty bleu.

Cheese'a keeper

kut17 11

Stop wo

kut17 11

Stop with the cheese jokes! I camembert it anymore!

CaptainDoorknob 7

T'was just a swiss of fate.

mollysticks 10

I'm feda up of these jokes guys...

MagicGiraffe 12

Now we know what she Colby jacks off to. Meh I tried.

mollysticks 10

Feta* oops

nancyschmancy 9

Wouldn't happen if she were an "American".

kut17 11

^^^ boooooooooo!

nancyschmancy 9

Well everyone else was making cheesy jokes. Geez don't be such an asiago!

wtf, cheese? How exactly could that turn you on?

habibiiiiiii 2

By shoving it down her throat :/

#3, people can have a fetish for anything. And yes, I do mean *anything*.

This OP and the OP from the fruit juiced FML should get together.

Oh honey... look at that cheese...

Maybe you

This FML turned me on!!

So essentially, cheese turns you on too?

9 not necessarily...perhaps people getting turned on by cheese turn him on

This takes, "Say cheese!" to a whole 'notha level. Yes, a SNL style joke.

Yo dawg I heard you liked getting turned on, so we put a post about a girl getting turned on to turn you on.

Your DP matches your comment perfectly.

Bonjour, I think I smell a French gene in your girlfriend.

French ? don't you mean dutch ?

No he means French , that's why he said bonjour

It ain't easy being cheesy!

secret_ninja_gal 12

not every French person likes cheese. take me for example.

I don't think it's a French gene you're smelling.....

TheDrifter 23

That's gouda of her to tell you. Now Swiss over to the market before you end up provolone.

Cheddar check the fridge before you send Jack to buy it because if he returns too late he'll be old.

OP, you should muenster up some courage and talk to your girlfriend. Also areesh you glad she talked to you about it? Swiss for the best.

That's just cheesy!

Find the stinkiest cheese you can find and rub it all over yourself. Might solve the problem.

That would be Limburger.

Or exacerbate it.

Actually 12 - that would be Casu marzu. It's a goat's cheese which is basically left to get spoiled. Maggots are purposefully left to grow and feed within the wheel of cheese, causing even greater fermentation and a softer cheese that is mixed with the already eaten and expelled cheese from the maggots. The cheese is then consumed, some prefer with maggots others prefer without.

kikimonole 13

#100 - Sounds like it'd have an interesting flavour. O_o

kittytub 12

100- still havent learned to not eat food while reading fml

Replace the whipped cream with shredded cheese from now on. Problem solved.

Or cheez wiz (is that how they spell it?)

It's not beacon at least. I heard it's a shortage.

tne201992 12


If there's bacon flavored lube, I bet there's cheese flavored!

kikimonole 13

There's a shortage because the corn used to feed them is being used to try and make fuel instead. >_>

bottlefed05ss 5

Shove a block of cheddar in her ass. Problem solved

Um maybe it's just me but, that seems a bit extreme... Some guys find lesbians making out or having "sex" as a turn on however, I'm not so sure that having one of them shoved up where the sun don't shine is an acceptable alternative. I don't even like my own shit being up there. Why do you think I get it out as soon as I can?

MartinAlex 1

So you can smear it on someone?

#32 you, Sir are a beautiful person