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  syki  |  22

Well, I was just feta-p with the way OP's poor girlfriend was being treated, that's all. It's nacho business or mine what she's into.

  MissMae93  |  23

Actually 12 - that would be Casu marzu. It's a goat's cheese which is basically left to get spoiled. Maggots are purposefully left to grow and feed within the wheel of cheese, causing even greater fermentation and a softer cheese that is mixed with the already eaten and expelled cheese from the maggots. The cheese is then consumed, some prefer with maggots others prefer without.

  mystashisgone  |  6

Um maybe it's just me but, that seems a bit extreme... Some guys find lesbians making out or having "sex" as a turn on however, I'm not so sure that having one of them shoved up where the sun don't shine is an acceptable alternative. I don't even like my own shit being up there. Why do you think I get it out as soon as I can?