By Whipped Cream - 24/11/2012 05:38 - United States - Charlotte

Today, I took a picture of myself wearing a whipped cream bra with cherry nipples, captioned, "I hope you enjoyed your dinner, now how about some dessert???" I meant to send it to my fiancé. I sent it by mistake to my dad. FML
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I think dad will have to pass on dessert tonight

YDI. If you send sexy pictures of yourself to your partner, you don't hit the send-button until you're completely sure the number (or emailadress) is the correct one.


I think dad will have to pass on dessert tonight

Oh god, I sure hope so.

Keepin it all in the family...ahhh yeah

Do you have them both listed under "daddy"?

Ewww...on so many levels.

I'm curious to see what his response was.

I can see dad's FML coming in the future

Today my daughter sent me a picture of her in a whipped cream bikini with cherry nipples I'm afraid to go to the family reunion. The worst part? It didn't even have sprinkles FML

He probably it a boner. If he still can.

Or for the rest of his life.

Sucks to be OP. and sucks to be OPs father. But life goes on. After all it is only an embarrassing moment.

Wouldn't say that qualifies as an embarrassing MOMENT. Some things can't be unseen.

Currently puking...

96- WTF! You are depraved for thinking like that.

Whoops. That's awkward.

That would be so mortifying OP. I must admit It is so freaking hilarious to read. You made my day OP

Nope, not awkward at all

I like the way you think.

I'm sure it was just as awkward for your dad to see that, as it was for you to realize who you actually sent it to. Best to just try and forget it happened. I'm sure he won't bring it up. Unless he's the kind of family member who delights in telling embarrassing stories at family get-togethers. Then really FYL.

^^^ quite uncalled for.

48 - I see you're new here.

In before 48 is moderated.

If I was the dad, depending on age, I think I little chat about these things is a good thing. A little side note, did you know phone companies keep a record of every text sent for 1 year?

what did 48 write!? D:

I'm sure he at least showed the mother out of shock.

I don't care how shocked he was, something tells me he wouldn't have done that. "Honey come quick! Look at the picture our daughter sent us! She's naked and covered in dessert!" He may have told her yeah, but unless he's a weirdo perv father I imagine he would have wanted to delete that on sight.

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You assume she looked good.. Fat and/or ugly people wear food too (add your own fat joke)...

#25, superficial much?

I happen to like chubby girls, thank you.

I prefer my women attractive.

Actually, 25, I'm very much in shape . 5'1" 126lbs to be exact . =) not that it should even matter . Edit: I am the OP, FYI . I don't know why it doesn't say that, it usually does . Maybe it doesn't because I used "whipped cream" instead of my account name, idk .

And you're sixteen you say?

And why does your about say your from Lexington not North Carolina?

I didn't put any sort of location thingy when I posted it, it didn't give me an option, which I guessed was because I posted it via my iPhone, I guess either the locator on my phone screwed up or it put a random one. I am from South Carolina, so it wasn't too far off. And yeaa, I'm 16.

Mis-sexting: The crème de la crème of embarrassing faux-pas

The WHIPPED crème de la crème...

#21: That's awesome.

#8's profile pic matches his comment so well

Pardon the french

and that is how memes are born.

I don't know about you but I haven't seen a meme with cherry nipples...

Hence the how memes "are born", I guess..

Thus could make for some very awkward dinner conversation.

YDI. If you send sexy pictures of yourself to your partner, you don't hit the send-button until you're completely sure the number (or emailadress) is the correct one.

exactly what I was thinking. This sort of thing seems to happen with alarming regularity, do people not check who they're sending messages to anymore?

Yeah this is absolutely your fault. If you're going to send dirty pictures it's common sense to be 100% sure you selected the right recipient before pressing send.

How the fuck do you even mess up that sort of thing?

It happens a lot. People are stupid a d don't check. So YDI completely.