By triple l - United States
Today, the police searched my house because my neighbors thought we were aiming a gun with laser sight at them. We were only getting our daft dog to chase a laser light around; we don't even own any guns. FML
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On the contrary, they are much easier to scare into submission, all you need is some maniacal laughter, sketchy looking people coming in and out of your house, and a shotgun made of cardboard, and they will never bother you again.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

If the paranoid neighbors stopped for a moment, to think, they would have come to the conclusion that if someone was going to shoot them, the shooter wouldn't give them so much awareness of what they were about to do. On the other hand, the neighbor could have been shot at before. And seeing that in America, the past few months, there are greater amounts of mass shootings. I obviously cannot take a side here because we don't know if the neighbor has had a gun fired at them before.


There's really no need for 3 handguns. One should serve the purpose of self defense and if you're really feeling threatened, both hands holding a gun is intimidating. If any of the guns are assault rifles or machine guns, then you're taking your protection overboard. They serve no purpose in hunting and were designed to be used on humans.

I have bows ;)

  vertigoisarat  |  8

There's no need for 3 handguns? What if there are 3 adults in the house? And they don't have to serve a purpose in hunting, nowhere in the second amendment is hunting mentioned.

  iarefatal  |  9

Uhm... Can I interject with the fact that shooting guns at targets is fun? The whole defense thing is good too, but shooting just for the sake of shooting is fun.


Alright, since you feel the need to fight my comment:
1. Good luck finding a House in NYC, not some sort of apartment or condo.
2. Chances are, there are 1-2 adults living in that building. 3 Adults tends to cause tension, unless they are just roommates.
3. OP stated that he himself owned 4 firearms. Not he and 2 friends shared 4 firearms.
4. Why would 1 roommate have 4 guns and the others have none?
5. The second amendment is states the right to bear arms. All I said was that an assault rifle or machine gun were solely designed to be used on humans and are unnecessary in most self defense cases unless you plan on Al Capone coming back for you.

  HunterAlpha1  |  8

how about someone who wants to increase their chances of surviving a gun fight? lasers increase both accuracy and shooting speed since you don't have to choose between pumping out rounds OR aiming carefully. if i had the money i would mount lasers on all my guns.

By  gc327072  |  29

Well they've been watching waaaay too many action movies. Lol, kinda like that one episode of family guy where Peter tackled the Indian guy....

Seriously though, your neighbors need to chill.


My neighbor tried to assassinate his wife, and while I do agree that assassins have their uses, using them on your wife is pretty fucked up. Luckily, Mr. Crazy the neighbor hired a cop as his hit man.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

Going by your line of thinking, if OP's neighbors assumed they were meth heads when they really aren't, they should just go ahead start up their own meth lab? Hey, if they want to make assumptions might as well make those assumptions real…

  mike3775  |  32

And that is what is wrong with this country now. You say no to a cop, you are assumed guilty right off the bat. Sorry, but no warrant, no search. And yes, I have had this happen, and lets just say, a few months after the search, 2 cops lost their job, a police chief was forced to resign, and I was 5 figures richer courtesy of the city and police department, because the two cops lied to get the warrant, and the chief tried to cover it up.

Its a shame how the public lets the police trample the US Constitution these days, and the cops know it, thus do things like this. I miss the days when it was serious in order to get the police to search houses, now, they simply say "suspicious" and bam, we want to search.

  copo37  |  7

Cops really do try and get away with alot. I'm not saying they're all bad. I had a call search me because I was suspiciously at a park " no I was actually just hanging out with friends after a night of shenanigans" and after searching my body with no warrant he then preceded to tell me to take off my shoes and socks. It was at this point I told him its completely illegal to tell me to take articles off my person without any documentation. . In spite of this I had to sit in a police station while I was cleared. Just another example of how they feel entitled to do whatever they want.