By Say Cheese - 22/08/2011 17:19 - United States

Today, this girl who has been stalking me for almost 7 months sent me a 12 page text comparing her love for me with her passion for cheese. FML
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edoht 5

youve also had a girl compare her love to you to cheese via text message?

WTSchool 0

They must have the same stalker.

xoconnie 8

thats just weird. call the cops and change ur #. what a freak. YDI for letting her find out ur number tho dude.

Just wait till she finds out how much fat that cheese has in it, heh heh.

Looks like everyone has these problems. Maybe I should say everyone has cheese problems. Lactose intolerant!

fakeaccountX 6

Look sharp. This might turn into a muenster of a situation.

goebsy 8

"You're so cheese. I could nibble you alllllll day."

xoconnie 8

41, for gods sake its a STALKER!!!!!! WTF

enonymous 8

"Dear Say cheese, today I found myself think about you and your cottage cheese thighs which aroused me...and the smell of bleu cheese reminded of me of your jock strap, Ty btw I'm glad you left it for me in your locker, your teeth with a fine Gouda smell, Monterey jack taste and Swiss cheese appearance... Finally brought a smile to me which allowed me to fap all night long Sharply yours - Rebecca Black"

Laurenlou 24

Cheese, Cheese, the magical food! The more you eat the less you poop! OP- She's an odd one. I'm sorry your stalker isn't like, beautiful and amazing. :( Haha. At least she isn't threatening you! It could be worse!

I am betting a weird person like that is fond of Velveeta or Cheeze Whiz.

Tell her you like the cheese under her flaps and that you and her like the same things;)

78- "Cheese under her flaps"? I think whoever you had slept with was diseased.

RainbowHeadache 2

Tell her it's either you or the cheese. She can only have one love. If she loves cheese more hopefully she'll just go away.

No she was just really ******* loose haha

Say "Sorry, I'm lactose intolerant. It'll never work."

mlebethbear 0

tell her "we can't be together! our love is shredded!

GoodLookingGeese 10

It's funny how it looks different from each others point of view. For her's you are her lovely crush and she dreams about you - from yours, she's a stalker and gives you a headache. It's sociologically very interesting. But don't we a pussy - stand up! and talk to her - tell her about your feelings.

n_epic_fail 14

relish in the fact that someone loves u that much, I'd rather have a love filled stalker than a blood thirsty stalker.... just saying

Just say "I'm allergic to cheese! :/ maybe in my next life we could have a better chance to be together"

WikedWaffle 0

Dude be happy cheese is amazing!!!!!!!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

OP that's a cheesy situation...

Xx_Dakota_xX 1
EnEl_Infierno 15

Bet its not easy being chessy. God that was so cheesy. IDI.

I could write 12 pages just on cheese alone

snowdrift 6

Two things. Totally favorited this and uhm,, do I smell a restraininh order?(:....nope..just cheese;) Ps: SHE'S A KEEPER... You can have kids:,) possible names: mozerella, parmesian, pepper jack, swiss... (and so on, please forgive my spelling mistakes)

snowdrift 6

well at least she just doesn't want to get in your pants, OP :)

tuckerharbaugh 0

Hey, think of the positives -- at least she doesn't want OP's bread. Or does she...?

She wants your cheese between her bread?... ;)

you realize none of these r their useenames... they give you an option to type anything in so most Ppl make jokes

friedpwnadge 25

OP, do you know how many guys would jump over hurdles to have a girl desire them like that? Tap it and run.

dickydickman 0

maybe she talking about the cottage cheese coming out from her private area.. and ow much she loves it like she loves you

CHizzy963369 3
shake_my_head 2

Tap that. Give her some more 'cheese' to think about.

Well if she likes cheese so Much she probably fat so you don't gotta worry bout her following you around xD

Throat yogurt. Dairy, but not cheese.

crazychick1269 7

or if shes fat she won't chase after u when you run away from her:)

Trying to think of a pun for this... Any suggestions?

Oh wait I know. Sounds like she's fondue of you. No? Alright.

Cut off the of you part, and you might just be a stand-up comedian one day!

Damn it. I was trying to, but it sounded strange without the of.

jking54 0

That's one cheesy love note :D

Narwhal234 6
qtipthemighty 0

No, that's a little too cheesey

Narwhal234 6

I posted "tell her you'd Brie happier as her Gouda friend"

can you post it somewhere for us to see and link us? sounds like something id actually read!

goldenlocks22 6

I was thinking the same thing, has me interested!

Tell her : "if I give you cheese will you leave me alone?"

I really don't see how that was funny but I'll respect it because of all the thumbs up:)

I wasn't trying to be funny, I was suggesting a solution... But I'm glad some people liked the comment or even found it Funny lol

xOashleymarie 0