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  enonymous  |  8

"Dear Say cheese, today I found myself think about you and your cottage cheese thighs which aroused me...and the smell of bleu cheese reminded of me of your jock strap, Ty btw I'm glad you left it for me in your locker, your teeth with a fine Gouda smell, Monterey jack taste and Swiss cheese appearance... Finally brought a smile to me which allowed me to fap all night long Sharply yours - Rebecca Black"

  Laurenlou  |  24

Cheese, Cheese, the magical food! The more you eat the less you poop!
OP- She's an odd one. I'm sorry your stalker isn't like, beautiful and amazing. :(
Haha. At least she isn't threatening you! It could be worse!


It's funny how it looks different from each others point of view. For her's you are her lovely crush and she dreams about you - from yours, she's a stalker and gives you a headache. It's sociologically very interesting. But don't we a pussy - stand up! and talk to her - tell her about your feelings.

  snowdrift  |  6

Two things. Totally favorited this and uhm,, do I smell a restraininh order?(:....nope..just cheese;)
Ps: SHE'S A KEEPER... You can have kids:,) possible names: mozerella, parmesian, pepper jack, swiss... (and so on, please forgive my spelling mistakes)