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Today, while working at McDonald's, a woman asked me what came on a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Trying not to laugh, I respond, "Bacon, egg, and cheese." She then realizes the stupidity of her question, and launches three dollars worth of quarters at my face and says, "Laugh at that, jerk." FML
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hahaha this fml cracked me up! thanks

It's not free money dumb ****. She bought the food with it.


41, Were on this FML does it say that she payed for her food? You MUST be psychic.

3 dollars worth of quarters? that's only 12 quarters what's the big deal it's not like it was 300 pennies.

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Well OP, your attempt at trying to not laugh has FAILED! :p

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that's my type of bitch right there!

56- I bet you give plenty of free services too.

MissErikaHart 0

I bet ur just a hater who wishes she could b as fine as me. and nothings free sweetheart.

lolllll 58 you look pretty ugly from your picture, its called a paperbag you should invest in one

Yes definitely, I want to look like a tranny, just like you.

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she "launched" it? she didnt just "throw" it?

#41's reading comprehension needs work. Dumb ****.

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u like name calling huh? well that's cool. ur just a lil girl who thinks she is just hot shit, doin the most cuz she can talk shit on Internet to a random bitch that u don't even know

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ur ugly, idk who you think you are

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yeah, lajaynay is a lot hotter than you

#79, did you realise you just called yourself a bitch? lajaynay is obviously classier than you, and prettier so don't be calling her jealous. p.s sorry for ringing into your fight guys (:

LMAO! I cant understand why misserikahart thinks she's hot. Lajaynay wins on all counts.

Haha. Thanks everyone. :) She's always thought of herself as the hottest thing ever.

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hahahahaha misserikaheart just got told off on another fml because she thought she was hot...... but there was another girl who was cutter (ffml_314) but she came on this fml an got told by even more people, hahaha miss misserikaheart you fail... and got owned you should make an FML about you constantly getting told and called ugly on FML

I totally want to be Freeze's underling, subordinate, disciple, whatever you want to call it. Freeze is awesome, and one of the few people who actually display their knowledge of the English language. And 104's English is terrible. She calls herself a random bitch, then says she's the hottest thing ever. Heard of the sun? ;D Also, "I'm am"? That is just... No comment...

*Add to the end of first paragraph: On the Internet.

haha. No, erika, you're not. Maybe hot for a tranny but then again, looking like one of those is not hot. You have also changed your pic like twice since this started, you're not getting hotter.

I'm quite enjoying this little spectacle. *Pulls out a chair*

coming up next : round 2 and a fatality

I have to say that Miss Hart is better-looking. I think you're confusing looking European with transsexuality. Miss Nay just looks very American (chubby, smiley, I imagine her with a Southern accent).

#127 She doesn't look chubby at all. And not all Americans are chubby...Way to stereotype.

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does anyone else realize Erika said I'm am the hottest? lol my opinion? lajaynay is smarter and prettier. erika looks like a ****. sticking her boobs out. she live in sin city maybe she's a hooker?

Lol im finding a phrase book and putting Erika's photo under the term 'massive stuck up bitch' right now.

*pulls up another chair and whips out slate and chalk* Me too, nerds. Oh, this? It's not for tallying points on each side. It's for tallying how many times Erika unintentionally(?) calls herself a name. So far, there's two: bitch *check* and prostitute *check*. So suspenseful! >.<

Great idea, Jane! Let the games begin! *Offers Jane some popcorn*

haha. Honestly, I have no southern accent since I've only been stuck in Georgia a couple of years. I wouldn't consider 125 lbs chubby either. Erika seems to be lacking in the smarts department with her lack of English skills and thinking Las Vegas is the best place ever, I've been there and it's all trash outside of the glitz of the casinos. American only because I was born here but I'm of French and German descent. She's in Las Vegas so that would make her American too right?

Really? There's nothing wrong with Miss Nay. She's pretty! Erika on the other hand...

Miss Erika, I hope I don't offend you, but you need to stop being so narssisctic. their are other things in this world more important than looks. All looks will get you, is pregnant. You need to learn that you are hurting the feelings of people around you. You might be really nice in real nice, but you get mean on the internet. I think you might need speical counciling if that's not it. Sorry if I ofended you in anyway, you need to see the truth though. (Truth be told, you made me really mad by talking to people like that.) Miss Nay, you are pretty ^_^! Glad ylthat the people here can point that out :)

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Not to be rude to Layjayjay or Vajaynay or Vajayjay or whatever, but I clicked your profile and you said you don't like people creeping..but you're taking all these compliments from people like jailbait. Just thought that was interesting..

Thanks 142. :) by the way everyone, LaJaynay is a nickname so just call me Ashley. Probably easier to remember anyways. 143- By Creeping I don't want weird people sending me private messages being creepy. Make sense? Simple compliments on these comments don't bother me and really shouldn't bother anyone.

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compliments and people creeping are waaaaay different. although perhaps it's all the same to people who advertise their boobs...

I find the both of you highly annoying. Please die.

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I'm just enjoying the show and trying to figure out how we started to talk about the FML to talking about a **** who can't read or write and a very charming lady who knows how to talk and make a comeback. it's amazing how conversations escalate to different subjects

To be honest MissHerkErika (or whatever the ****) is just a fat ass bitch and lizfvnajay or just ashley is an attention *****, period.

Erika, you just agreed with someone saying something negative about you. Jane, where's that chalk??

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oh my godddd can you people just STOP? can't anyone ever read these stupid stories, laugh and go to the next one? and yes, I'm 13 because I know someone is going to say "hoh hoh I bet ur 12" no one gives a hoot if miss jay nay or lay is pretty or if miss erika is a tranny. no. one. cares.

-pulls out one more chair and a camera- oooohh, catfight o-o go Ashley/lajaynay !!

I think they're both really ugly, so... they both lose!!

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no, I am definitely more attractive. I wouldn't normally say things like that, however, the fact that I am better looking is the only reason that would make her wanna start talkin shit. that's how bitches are. a bitch will see another bitch looking good and the only thing she can (think) is "omfg what a ****..!" but since were on the Internet, this vajayjay girl thinks she's smart AND tough. u wouldn't call me a tranny or say any of the other shit u said in real life to me, so don't try n act like ur all hard cuz on the Internet

Erika - Intelligence adds to beauty. Let's see. You have no beauty, and no intelligence. Ashley has both. I think it's clear who's won here. Can you just stop now, please?

You can win internet points. When you win an argument on FML, you get 5 points. That's why people argue here. I can't believe you didn't read the fine print. I won 5 points from our bitchfest, misserikahart. It was sweet. I bought a t-shirt. (Obviously, I'm kidding. So, please don't get all trippy about my post.)

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In response to 137, Vegas is all trash? Really? When you were here did you happen to visit Summerlin, Desert Shores, Anthem, or Lake Las Vegas? Just to name a few of the very classy residential areas Las Vegas has to offer. Granted, Vegas indeed has some quite trashy and tasteless places but I think, for the most part, it is a very amazing, beautiful city. Sorry for the annoying, long, and somewhat pointless comment. I normally never post comments, I don't usually get butthurt enough to do so. But I love my city and since since cities can't talk for themselves (but that would be badass if they could) I had to defend it. And my apology for my annoyingly long comment just made it even longer. Rambling ftw :D Hmm I wonder if anyone shall read this. Doubtful. :(

MissErikaHart 0

Erika, I believe ( by the tally on our slate ) you have been owned. Please leave before Ashely embarasses you further.

icantellu 7

haha I'll provide the popcorn with that.

Does anyone even really care why this was all started? To recap, Ashley pretty much called the other chick a *****, without provocation. When one person randomly insults another, I find myself siding with the person insulted regardless of what is said after. I don't really give a damn about the fight after that, because one person has already proved their ignorance and has, therefore, lost the fight by sepuku (spelling?)

209 - It stopped two days ago. You just potentially restarted it.

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haha I just wasted about three minutes reading this all(: my name's Erika and I was just scrolling and was like wait what???! haha Misserikahart is rather annoying but I shouldn't be talking:/

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Agreed with 128. and lajaynay or whatever the **** her face is, well, lets just say i disagree but seriously idgaf cause I'll never see any of you so

That's not necessarily a dumb question. A "bacon cheeseburger" sounds like the name tells you what's on it, but also comes with lettuce, onion, tomato, etc. depending on where you get it. There could be extra toppings on the bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. How would she know? You deserve it for laughing at a customer. And like somebody else said... that's only twelve quarters. Not even an FML in the first place.

on a bacon cheeseburger... there is bacon, cheese, and burger. and the normal toppings like ketchup onion and pickle. that's all. the only ones on the menu you need to watch for are those pesky big extras!!

Yeah, it's not such a dumb question, but answering a dumb question doesn't merit having anything thrown at you by an uncivilized customer.

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first off ahahahjahajajajajajjajajaahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha you work a mc crappys hahaha fyl

1: She said "trying not to laugh..." so it's not like she out right luaghed out loud at the custumer. 2. "Only 12 quarters." In case you haven't realized, quarters are HARD, and I've had 3 quarters thrown at me, my face was stinging for half an hour, I can't even imagine 12.

I'm not gunna lie I only liked this cuz ur profile pic is so cute.

meh, at least you got money outta it.

I'm blond and I take offence to that. Brunettes make better physcos!! bahaha

You're blonde and have a zebra for a picture? Dark hair is definitely better than blonde.

lajaynay I was originally on ur side but now it arguing with every person u see what did the zebra girl do to u

117- well she called brunettes psychos! I am simply defending my hair color. She can't even spell offense.

Redheads make the best psychos. There's really no denying that. :}

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I could have swore that this said something about top comment or whatever. Please tell me I'm not going blind.

Gotta love the assaults that comes with the job. 8| And nothing you can do about it either.

theian01 3

There weren't any pet names in your comment... I feel cheated... haha

rozsrredd 16

Um, yeah, you can call the police when someone assaults you

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The moral of the story is to not laugh at stupid people, no matter how funny they are. :)