By Anonymous - United States
Today, I asked my husband why he won't list me as his wife on Facebook. Apparently, it's because he doesn't want the high school friends he just reconnected with to know that he married "the biggest geek in the whole school." We went to the same high school. FML
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  natepyron  |  0

this wouldn't make any sense if you didn't go to the same school. by telling us that you went to the same school ruins because they know youvwere a geek....

  deja54  |  0

Seriously. I'm sick of seeing the "he/she doesn't deserve" bullshit.

It's stupid. It doesn't make anyone feel better. It's patronizing, and more importantly, it's always used in the most inappropriate places.

"My boyfriend broke up with me"
"He didn't deserve you anyway!"
"What? Why? Because he didn't want to be with her? Logic fail."

  mike1921  |  0

Besides that, WE DON'T KNOW THE OP. For all we know the OP is a total bitch and deserves someone like her husband. Or, atleast, the way her husband appears from the FML.

  ntherewas1  |  11

Nicely said. Makes me wonder about his personality, obviously he saw through your perceived geekiness to fall in love with you now, but the fact remains that he's totally uncomfortable with anyone else thinking he got you. So he's shallow and insecure really.

By  Thecommish  |  0

Relationships are not a one way deal. Both sides make a choice. You choose to marry a total ass - what do you expect? Maybe he played all smooth with you while dating - but that's a two way deal too. Obviously you made a bad choice - now kick his ass to the curb.