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Today, Facebook told me I should reconnect with my husband. FML
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That just means you don't talk on Facebook much. Get over it

Exactly. When I want to talk to my spouse, I use my voice, not Facebook.


Mx_Rider 6

this is no fml. go run into a knife. nuff said.

fml fail ¬_¬

wow, its not that big of a deal. she sees him and talks to him in person all the time, so why should she have to always be posting on his wall and messaging him?

This isn't an FML because nothing bad happened... and the OP is slightly less of a person for both having a facebook and taking it seriously.

if facebook means that much to you, then I'm worried for you.

bula_rocks 0

woulda been slightly better if it was an ex husband or he was dead...

better than ex husband lol

Does anyone get that when facebook tells you to reconnect with someone it means your not friends with them anymore? Which means her husband deleted her as a friend without her knowledge

Even facebook recognises the failure of your marriage. Go back to Korea, I'm sure another man would pick you out of the catalogue...

Dont_Explain 3

Hey now, even Korea has standards.

yeah.. you should go to Korea. You can find your second or Third husband there. Oh! you just 16 years old! Oh dear. And u can make you a bit younger. Korea has quite good plastic sugery skill. Please visit korea. :)

1) Not an FML. 2) This is a sign of a healthy relationship. If you're using Facebook to connect with your husband, there's something wrong with you. (See #8, 10, and 21)

3- Not even a homeless bum in Korea would date your ugly ass. Just saying

Vladimir Puttin says to reconnect with him. Accept or Decline, OP? ACCEPT OR DECLINE!!

What is every ones fascination with Facebook? It has to be one of the most boring websites with the most boring games. If you have to reconnect with your husband on Facebook it might be a good thing. You don't need to be talking to him 24/7 anyways.

Facebook is only boring if not a lot of your friends have it or if your friends are boring. OP, it's not a bad thing that you and your husband are not one of those annoying couples who write on each other's walls even though they live together.

#7, Facebook is an awesome way to keep in touch with people. I'm not talking about the people you see every single day, or the people who never talked to you in high school but now act like BFFs just to up their friend count, but REAL people. I live in Japan via military, and Facebook has been the best way to keep in touch with all my friends and family. Sure, there's phone and webcam (which I use both regularly), but Facebook is the lazy, efficient way to indirectly socialize with everyone. =]

That just means you don't talk on Facebook much. Get over it

Exactly. When I want to talk to my spouse, I use my voice, not Facebook.

kaleid0scopeEyes 0

I agree. I like Facebook, but only in small doses; I would get bored if I spent an hour on it like some people. And Facebook tells you to reconnect when you don't talk much on FACEBOOK, its not some psychic superpower that can detect problems in your marriage.

lametroll 0

xkcd ftw!

thats exactly what I was thinking

Not an FML but i do like the notion it made me laugh. Thanks =D

You can't laugh a notion. You have a notion.

You miss the point. It was a run-on sentence.

rockyroad1234 0

Facebook only tells you to reconnect with the people you haven't been talking to ONLINE. Hopefully you've been communicating with your husband verbally, so this really shouldn't matter. Not an FML.

That isn't an FML. In fact, it's probably the opposite: it's probably means you've been actually connecting with him in real life rather than online. That's a good thing.

perdix 29

If Facebook is suggesting that you literally reconnect with your husband, then that is indeed sage advice. You don't find guys in bars either trolling for pussy or crying in their beer because they get TOO MUCH sex at home.

noc ... (no one cares)

starberries 0

If you have to spell it out then what's the point of abbreviating it in the first place?