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By FilthyIke - 21/08/2009 20:17 - Canada

Today, I went to the doctor to inquire about the rash I've been getting in my underarms, behind my knees and sometimes on my face. Turns out I'm allergic to sweat. I'm a varsity rugby coach, gym teacher, and I just shelled out a stack of cash to get a sauna and steam room installed in my house. FML
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That's hilarious. Allergic to your own sweat. Sometimes the pros just outweigh the cons, I would've just gone for that hot steamy sauna bath either way.

how can you be allergic to your own body fluids?


That's hilarious. Allergic to your own sweat. Sometimes the pros just outweigh the cons, I would've just gone for that hot steamy sauna bath either way.

wow that sucks... cant you like return it?

noo i dont think so, it was like , installed. so they would need to take it apart again. i know how it feels , OP. i breakout on my face when i sweat, but i dont sweat much so its okay :)

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You can't be allergic to your own sweat. Irritation maybe. Or it could be a fungal infection. The latter is especially likely if you are overweight as skin folds tend to be dark, damp, and warm...ideal for growing microorganisms

Okie: You can. You can even be allergic to water (on your skin). Snopes it. People with those allergies often shower with sand instead of water. It's rare, but it DOES happen.

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Okie is right - Silvermoonstar is not. It is physically impossible to be allergic to water (your body is about 85% water - your body would literally kill itself. If you're allergic to, say, tap water, it would be an aversion to something in it - from fluoride to heavy metals to female hormones.) and sweat, because sweat is water with oils that are made by your skin in it. You likely have some kind of infection or fungus. Fungus is likely because the irritation occurs in places where the skin is thin, moist, and folds over, creating perfect conditions for microscopic parasites to set in.

finn's right, you can't be allergic to something your body produces. an allergic reaction is your immune system overreacting to a foreign object/substance.

lol snopes is for urban legends and whatnot... liek those stupid chain things where the kid from the grudge will kill you at 3 AM while oyu sleep if you don't send an email to 18 of ur friends in 4 seconds.... lol snopes is stupid

If your body can attack itself (ex. autoimmune disorder) why would it be prohibited from being allergic to something it produces?! That makes absolutely no sense. Yes, you can be allergic to water and since sweat is a product of the excretory system which eliminates waste in the body it doesn't at all seem improbable that you could be allergic to something your body is getting rid of via your sweat. Because you have never heard of something does not mean it does not exist. Think outside the box a little.

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First of all. If you were allergic to water. You would be dead. 1) Most of your body is made of water. Any response by your immune system to water would trigger an inflammatory response body wide and massive release of histamines. Generally an immune response is less than 0.1% of all T cells. If all the T cells in your body reacted to water. Just a 5% increase in cytokines and histamines can lead to toxic shock syndrome (and death) 2) Water is too small to be an antigen. If it is an antigen excreted in the sweat, what is to stop your body from attacking it whilst inside you when Immunoglobins are available. Why go through the extra effort package it into vessicles to cross basal membranes to excretory ducts and excrete it only when the body needs to sweat. Given the efficiency of the human body, I find this unlikely and rather, the body would react before excretion. Again, I come back to microbes. He is a rugby coach. His rashes are on the forehead, underarms, and back of the knees. I assume he wears a hat or headband. On his legs he could always wear jeans, maybe knee pads for demonstrations, etc. Again, conditions ideal for growth.

#99 Maybe you read up a bit before you spew bullshit.

If you take lots of anti-allergens (we use piritin here in the UK) then this would resolve your problem

I'm not at all sure how you deduced that he had never used one before from the post....?

Anyone who actually thinks you can be allergic to water is a complete idiot. You can never be allergic to PURE water, H20. Just not possible, you would die within seconds of your birth. You can be allergic to other things IN the water. So if the OP really is allergic to his "sweat" he is most likely allergic to the salt in it or something along those lines. Not only that, but you people realize that you sweat in other places other than the back of your knees, armpits, and forehead right? If he really WAS allergic to water, then he'd get rashes all over his body, especially because he's a rugby coach and i'm sure sweats a ton. He most likely has what I had, which is just a fungus that itches and looks exactly like a rash. All you need to do is just get a prescription and but some cream on it for a few months and you'll be fine, and you can be in your sauna/steam room all the while.

YDI for being a mutant ****** freak you shit, just commit suicide

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Thank you "Genius_Man" some one who talks some sense. But also, you couldn't really be allergic to salt (as we know it at least) since it is highly implicated in cell signaling and nervous system function, among other things

atleast your wife/family or friends can enjoy it...just charge them to use it.. jk. shit happens, it could be worse

this is the name and description of the condition Aquagenic urticaria, also known as water urticaria and aquagenous urticaria, is an extremely rare form of physical urticaria. It is sometimes described as an allergy, although it is not a histamine releasing allergic reaction like other forms of urticaria; it is more a hypersensitivity to the ions found in non-distilled water. In affected persons, water on the skin causes hives to appear within 15 minutes and last for up to two hours. just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

It's not an allergy to water, it's an allergy to things in the water. Some people with this condition have found that they can have limited contact with distilled water. It's generally tap water that they're allergic to. The water in your own body is NOT TAP WATER

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@Okie7123 Unfortunately you can be allergic to your own sweat. This allergy is often triggered by exercise causing a rise in body temperature. The condition is called 'cholinergic urticaria'. One of the ways to alleviate the symptoms is to rapidly cool the body down - for example going into an air-conditioned room.

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you can even look it up too, also if anyone could tell me how o fix the error "variable missing" it happns every time I try to post a long comment

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wow man that's the worste fml I have ever heard. I'm sorry man that sucks so bad I hope you can return that shit. best of luck

55 how the **** do people shower with sand?

weird, I actually had this guy as my gym teacher. he told our class this a few times

I have actually had this a few times, usually with a tanning bed. It helps if u shower before and after you sweat. (to open up your pores and not trap sweat in them) and to not wear lotions or tight clothing.

how can you be allergic to your own body fluids?

Some people have skin allergies to WATER. Yes, regular h2o. You can be allergic to pretty much anything.

yeah, some people are allergic to water. there was a fml a few weeks ago of someone complaining about being allergic to tears on their face. except, this condition is incredibly rare. i doubt so many people have it and complain on the internet about it.

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Since when does working in a hospital make you a medical authority? You do realize that there are security guards, cooks, housekeeping, secretaries, admins, attorneys, etc. working in hospitals, none of which I would ask for a medical consultation. And.. since you said she works in a hospital, rather than she is a doctor, nurse, or mention any specific medical profession I am guessing she falls into the later category.

wrong pointerdog. sweat does contain proteins

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You aren't allergic to just proteins. You can be allergic to polysaccharides, large organic molecules, inorganic molecules, and fatty acids (Lipid A on gram negative bacteria are notorious killers)

IDIOTS!!! Your brain is mainly water!! If you were allergic you'd be dead not just have rashes! listen to Okie he seems to know his shit!!!

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Some people are even allergic to their own hair, an it then causes it to fall out.

Is there some kind of medicine you can take to prevent this?

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Wow that sucks man hopfully you can take something for it

wow. that REALLY sucks . FYL to the max. but isnt there a cream/medication they can give you ..?

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This is going to sound odd, but I've heard that botox will limit the amount you sweat. That and you could get some good old allergy injections...

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u know u can get an operation to cut ur sweat glams

LOL glams? if you get your sweat glands removed you'd overheat and die