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Today, I got a Facebook message from the school genius/nerd, who I have never talked to. He politely informed me that after much thought and deliberation, he has narrowed it down to who his ideal mate is. Me. FML
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be flattered! at least you have someone. he might be your boss some day...


be flattered! at least you have someone. he might be your boss some day...

GovernorGeneral 8

Maybe hes hot...who knows :P Good luck Op~

chillyCholo 5

This might be your only chance OP

Maybe he is trying to act like Sheldon Cooper. Sounds like it to me...

pinkpolarbear 8

That sounds like a sheldon cooper bazinga actually.

OP *knock knock knock* OP *knock knock knock* OP *knock knock knock*

Brings a whole new meaning to "You deserved it."

rofflewaffle 9

Be nice and let him down easy. If he's anything like the nerds (said endearingly) I know, it probably took him a long time to work up the courage to talk to you.

I've been in this position before. It's ok though, once he got to know me he stopped fancying me. It was a bit shallow actually..

Being shallow would be not liking you anymore because you got an ugly haircut or a rash. But if your personality sucks and he stopped liking you...then that's a pretty legit reason. So maybe you're just kind of a bitch. Just a thought.

What a ******* joke 'maybe hes hot'. Are you serious? Number one, she said 'nerd', any guy who is hot, even if smart, is not referred to as a nerd, hes an 'all rounder', number two, any guy who is sufficiently attractive, would not have such mentally retarded social skills, as other people would ahve already given him enough social attention that he would have learned how to be normal. The only 'good luck' OP will need is a good pair of legs if this guy decides to stalk her.

nublets 12

160- maybe if you didn't have such bad life skills you wouldn't have posted such an ignorant and stupid comment.

Its not ignorant at all, its basic ******* common sense.

133 I think she meant the guy only like her in the first place because of her looks, which is kind of shallow.

Just think, he will could possibly be the next Bill Gates. Multi-billionaire!

anyone know where there isn't a flame war going on?

tacovender 7

219 The only place I could think of is the bottom of the ocean.

Aw that's so sweet in a nerdy way of you think about it

MizzErikaHart 8

If he's the genius that you, op, claim he is then perhaps he's right. Plus he could be the next bill gates.

Your FML is so rude! Everyone is different from each other and that's what makes everyone beautiful. You must be one of those stuck up girls who thinks she's super amazing and better than everyone else. Well all I have to say is that boy deserves better than you! He deserves someone who will appreciate his smarts and someone he can have intellectual conversations with. GO NERDS!

mduffy08 8

He evaluated who his proper mate was?

160- I'm just waiting for karma to smack you right in the face, "nerds" are people who care about learning and getting a good education, without people like them, that care about making the world better and safer, we would still be trying to discover how to make the simple stuff. Steve Jobs can be considered a nerd and he created the Mac and probably had girls all over him.

Isaac_The_Man 0

I imagined this being from Big Bang Theory and Sheldon being the nerd... xDD

Actually, #160 I was raised with less social interaction than normal, causing me to be "socially retarded" for quite a while, even though I was smart and I am frequently told I am good looking. Just because you are attractive doesn't mean that you are a good communicator.

csickcman 11

1. He might be her boss some night too. ;)

Ahem.... You seem to be the most stupid, inept, rude, idiotic individual that I have ever seen. Just sayin

160- just because somebody is smart doesn't mean they have nothing else going for them. while they have a good job in the future and sitting pretty, people who don't give a **** in school will barely be able to get by.

Zythrone 3

I thought this wasn't so bad until I read two parts of the FML... 1) OP and the nerd have never talked before 2) He didn't say anything about a crush, he said 'my ideal MATE'... o.0 Still, nerds rule.

#160: Are you just sore because you're a superficial, ignorant idiot who obviously knows nothing about people? I think it's safe to assume from your comment that you are not the brightest to ever grace the comments section of FML, so maybe you should just stop making up "facts" about things you evidentially know nothing about.

160. I am a nerd. I have rather exceptional interactive skills and have all the female friends I could ask for. why ? because most nerds are nice. you must be one of those brick head dumbasses that sits there and criticizes my A average, while you only have a C average. sincerely, an attractive nerd with a social life. you loser.

160-I'm a nerd, and have Aspergers, and I probably have better social skills than you. Just sayin'.

So this is the kind of losers that fml is made up of? I see. You people make me sick.

I really don't mean to sound ignorant or shallow but I bet if some of you were in her position you wouldn't give the guy a chance. In my school there is this kid who everyone knows is a loser and nobody really talks to. If he were to approach me I would immediately turn him down. I'm not shallow but that's just the way schools are, people judge you based on the people you hang out with. The first rule of school survival is to hang out with people who don't have a horrible reputation like the school nerd. I think it's horrible that that's how it has to be but that's just how things work..

363, you know you don't HAVE to cling to the alphas, right? Unless you're insecure. Befriending a nerd and still being a part of cool bunch may sound tough, but if you pull it off it actually gives you bonus points.

The alphas? My life isn't a clique book. And I didn't say you have to cling to the most popular group, I said you need to keep a group of people who aren't plagued with a horrible reputation around you. If you don't do that you'll be devoured by the monster of your school years..

I'm sufficiently attractive but equally shy, and I know others like me. Just because a guy is decent looking doesn't automatically make him outgoing, confident or cocky...

#375, I am in no way a nerd, and I don't limit my social circle to a specific group of people. I'm friends with just about everyone, needs and all and I do just fine. in fact my boyfriend is a nerd (not an unattractive one) and my "reputation" hasn't gone down.

Well obviously your school and mine are completely different. You can go out with a dork and still be popular because he's attractive. If he were the SCHOOL nerd everyone would bag on you for being his girlfriend.

414- So it's okay because "that's the way it goes"? It's ony that way because people are superficial and MAKE it that way. It disgusts me that you would completely rule out ever even talking to a person because it would "hurt your popularity". If the guy is actually a creep, then yes, stay away from him. But deciding wether or not you want to talk to this guy based on his attractiveness and "coolness" is just low.

If you read my previous comments you would see that I said I didn't think it was right. And yes, people do MAKE it that way. Is it my fault that generations before me people decided that that's the way it should be?

godisnowhere41 5

419 It may not be your 'fault' with what happened in the past but it's completely up to you wether or not you conform to it now. Thing from the past aren't written in stone, how do you think we abolished slavery?

You can't compare not going out with someone because they're a nerd to slavery. You are completely over exaggerating the topic. All I'm saying is put yourself in the shoes of to OP. You would probably be too embarrassed to even consider being that boys girlfriend.

Daftendirekt1 0

If you reread he said ideal mate. He's just trying to make some friends. I for one have all the friends I could ask for and still talk to the 'school nerd'. People who are shunned for being labelled this generally have low self esteems when really you don't know anything about them. In fact, if your current friends would ditch you if you hung out with the school nerd, then you have some pretty shit friends.

DragonitePaladin 6

"GO NERDZ!" PRO'est phrase i ever read LOL.

419- Actually, I DID read that part of your comment. And I were you, I wouldn't be calling attention to it, considering that's probably the worst part of your whole idiotic "argument" and has made me lose all respect for you. You are being a part of the problem by just going with it, not to mention being a superficial bitch for considering you're so-called popularity more important than human beings. If you stood up against it, then maybe everyone would see how stupid they're being.

And yes, it CAN be paralleled with slavery and the like. Slavery was normal in the 18th century and no one questioned it. So slave holders in the 18th century can't be held accountable for their actions because they didn't invent slavery, did they? No, it had been a part of Southern society for ages before, so it's just the way it goes. If they didn't have slaves, all their slave-holding friends would think they were weird! Morals? Who needs 'em? Not these guys, because morals aren't important as long as you're going along with the crowd an EVERYONE'S disregarding them! So it's okay and perfectly acceptable that they had slaves, right? Wrong. But this is the logic you seem to think is sound. If your logic were still acceptable in today's society, not only would you have been discriminated against for being a girl, but also for being black. Your profile says you're only 13. Hopefully you'll eventually grow out of this idiotic phase.

how little you know of the wide world around you.

Why would you bring a major political problem from the past into this argument? You sound like you're just pulling things out of your ass to make your point sound more valid. I'm not holding someone against there will and telling them to do back breaking work for me. I'm just choosing not associating with someone. If I were to have a conversation with the boy, knowing myself, I would most likely feel embarrassed to be in his presence. I'm sorry that my school is very judgmental and building up a solid reputation is hard. I apologize for trying not to have my self esteem plummet because people would torture me. I'm very sorry that I care about my happiness and how I feel about myself. Why can't you just respect my decisions and who I decide to surround myself with.

#229 I agree with you in concept, but I think the FML wasn't about the fact that "a nerd" wanted to date her. I read it as an FML because a guy she barely knows has carefully selected her as his ideal mate from all her classmates. Coming from anyone (not just a nerd) that could be interpreted as creepy. And the OP did say genius/nerd, which implies more admiration and respect than mockery.

Oh, and #463, the past issues of slavery are not irrelevant. Ever heard of learning from history so you don't repeat mistakes? Open you mind.

I envision a scene straight out of 'The Big Bang Theory'. Not without my signature 'DrMime' twist of-coarse! *imitates creepy nerd stare whilst gripping box of melted chocolates*

So, OP, a person you have called a genius has just stated that he considers you to be his ideal choice of genetic material to continue his bloodline. You should be flattered.

aruam365 24

That's not flattering at all, it's creepy. I personally wouldn't give someone with such poor social skills / obliviousness to the social norms a chance.

GoW_Chick 14

Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine, maybe he is just shy, don't automatically shun someone just because they're different.

Everyone chooses their "mate" in this manner. We all have a similar thought process. This lad is a little more upfront about it. Big deal.

XxHoPPoxX 8

- 87 you were a ******* yellow sweat shirt I don't think you have the right to judge social standards

aruam365 24

108- It says "Michigan" and maize and blue are the colors of the University of Michigan. I live on the campus & everyone here wears shirts like that. I meant how he approached her was creepy.

I thought you ate that violet bubble gum Willy Wonka candy...oh well, we'll never really know

aruam365 24

123 - Wow that's hilarious! Oh, wait... it's not, that's just your pathetic attempt at being funny.

gazzdogs 5

123, that comment was a ******* win. Unfortunately, you failed 124.

No, 124, it was quite funny, so is his picture. You on the other hand need to improve your sarcasm abilities (elsewhere)

aruam365 24

At least I'm attractive enough to post a picture of myself. I'm done replying because you're all immature. My thinking it's creepy is my opinion and I'm entitled to it, so kindly **** off :)

87 you disgust me. WHY would you be that shallow?! to everyone their own i guess but in my opinion those who care dont matter and those who matter dont care.

aruam365 24

I wouldn't give someone who randomly tells me he's selected me as a mate, especially if we'd never spoken. Remind me how that's shallow?

i was referring to you not giving a chance to someone with poor/oblivious social skills. from what you said so far i take it you follow the croud

Keep thinking you're attractive, 139. Maybe someone will love you. You call the others immature when you tell them to **** off. Hypocrisy at its best.

Why are there so many thumbs down to 87's comment?? Shes right! The guy is a FREAK. Whats all this wishful thinking shit from some people 'give him a change'?? NO, yea rite, she should just start a whole ******* relationship with someone because she feels sorry for how much of a freak he is. Seriously fml people, im disappointed, how you could reply with such stupid shit is beyond me. Anyone who sounds this much like SHeldon Cooper is socially retarded, and to go out with them would be social suicide. The End.

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

I agree with 90 that maybe he is just shy. As far as 87 is concerned...she seems like a bitch to me

aruam365 24

157- THANK YOU, someone else with a properly functioning brain. They've thumbed down all my comments because I wouldn't give weird/creepy guys a chance... It's called self-preservation. If someone seems weird, it's been by evolution that it's wise to stay away from them!

aruam365 24

161- You've never met me. I'm right, it's best to avoid creepy guys so you don't end up in a ditch. It's in no way shallow to not want to date someone who is creepy/weird. By all means all of you can go date all the creeps you want, but I prefer my body to not be dismembered and thrown in a ditch!

aruam365 24

147- Clearly you don't follow the proper spelling CROWD. You can't even spell properly so your opinion of me means absolutely nothing to me!

And you want to be a nurse? Rethink your life...ginge.

aruam365 24

149- I will keep thinking that because I am. My long term boyfriend thinks so too! I have to insult the morons in a way they can understand, don't I? :)

I don't really care what you're writing about, but how did your skin get to be so purple? You should check that out.

so....many....words. too late for me to join the nerd party? woohoo, processors and graphics cards!!!

Look, I don't really care what you're writing about, but how did your skin get so purple? You should really check that out.

aruam365 24

Yes, I do. I've already spent quite a bit of time in hospitals and I'm really nice to people & patients. Also, I'm not a ginger you colorblind idiot.

Look, I don't really read what you're writing, but seriously, how did your skin get to be that purple? You should really check that out. Also, yellow and purple don't really match.

aruam365 24

You must be incredibly stupid to think that is my skin color, clearly it's just poor lighting. Similar to you, not very bright! ;)

hmmm shit actually I just looked at your display picture, and Im sorry, but its ******* ugly. And noone cares that you want to be a nurse btw. =]

aruam365 24

I don't actually give a shit. Sorry kiddo!

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

So let me get this wouldn't give someone with poor social skills a chance because you think it's "creepy" and weird" Yup seems like a bitch to me

nublets 12

184- so.. What iv gathered from this thread is that your a blind shallow bitch who judges entire groups of people on the basis of nothing other than what you think. If you didn't care about everyones opinion you would have stopped commenting a long time ago like most people. Yes maybe he has poor social skills, but that in no way means he will kidnap her and dismember her, I mean wtf? So maybe before you deal with being a nurse go get REAL life experience and stop basing things off of jersey shore. /rant

aruam365 24

Did I say poor social skills? No. I said "Oblivious to social norms." Ex: messaging someone you've never met on Facebook that they've selected you as a mate.

aruam365 24

197- Maybe you should read more carefully. I didn't say shy, I didn't say nerdy, I didn't say poor social skills. All of those are perfectly fine, but when you act out of the social norms and come off strongly as creepy, then I have a problem with it.

193, this isnt just a guy with 'poor social skills'. He is completely socially retarded. Not even Shledon Cooper would use as much science and logic in his proposal to ask a girl out as this guy has, and thats ******* saying something. I'm pretty sure if you were a girl you would not go out with Sheldon Cooper, let alone someone as ****** up as this.

aruam365 24

197- Also, I'm not "blind" I'm not judging anyone by their appearance, personality, or social skills. I'm not shallow or a bitch, though I tend to get irritated by stupid people.

aruam365 24

205- This thread needs less illiterate idiots...

Dear Aruam, Obviously you have pissed off the male FML community with your disrespect for the "nerd" population. Just remember, us Nerds own the web and will take over your mouse and shut down your PC. Tootles =D

nublets 12

206- well he's probably socially retarded because people like you don't give him a chance and over years of being continually outcast, something like this happens. No surprise really

aruam365 24

211- I AM a nerd. A biology nerd. I didn't insult nerds, read what I wrote, stupid!

aruam365 24

212- That's total bullshit, I'm actually one of the nicest person you could meet. I got picked on as a kid, I'm perfectly happy and sociable. However, protecting yourself is an entirely different matter.

211 - only if there are hot pockets or pizza rolls, and no fresh air. otherwise i'm out

Wow, those are a LOT of posts from someone who said they were going to stop posting a long time ago...

aruam365 24

It's absolutely terrifying how ignorant people on here are but it's pointless trying to educate these people or prove a point that takes some intelligence to comprehend. I have to go, I have a life!

Has anyone else noticed that after everyone started talking about aruam365's appearance she changed her picture?

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

Hahaha...I noticed that as well...guess she isn't as good looking as she thought

aruam365 24

I changed it because if you creeps think things like this ^ are acceptable, I don't want you seeing my pictures or knowing anything about me! Buh-bye creeps of FML!

184- that was the smartest thing you've said cuz it was kinda funny... Not saying that he's dumb

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

Don't worry 226....I don't think anyone on here would even want to get with you

Can I jump on the bandwagon against #226 or it it too late??!

I guess it's too late to join in these flame wars -sob- but aruam seems like an ass and Alex seems retarded. Inb4 moderated

139 yes, you are very attractive to a ******* blind woman. I'm pretty sure if you asked anyone on this thread if they give two ***** about *your opinion they would delightfully decline. Take you and your bitchy personality with you, the door is over there.

Op never said he was creepy, or socially awkward. Just cause it says nerd doesn't mean those two get attached to that person, maybe he talks to a lot of people, but they don't care because he cares about getting a good education and going somewhere in life

I think it's too late. I wanted to aswell. However, I will say this: Although I can see where both sides are coming from (some less than others), I think it is unfair to assume that OP's nerd is a freak/creep. And aruam365, you DID say he has poor social skills an judge that. Here it is: That's not flattering at all, it's creepy. I personally wouldn't give someone with such poor social skills / obliviousness to the social norms a chance. #87 JAN 16 — 1:42AM aruam365

yes, obviously, you are correct and everyone else here is wrong. Obviously. Also, you totally come off like a really nice person judging from your post. It's everyone else who is a jerk. Obviously. If you wish to not be insulted, a little introspection will be useful before you post.

Beachboi_alex & aruam365 are pretty much the popular kids/jocks who still think that stereotypes of nerds are true and ok to bash them...

PawsUp_fml 2

Wowza! Such hostility :0 I think that she shouldn't automatically date him, but talk to him and give him a chance. If you watch The Big Bang Theory you will notice Penny gave Leonard a chance and got to know him, and he was kind of weird. Now yes Sheldon is a bit out there but you never know if he is perfect for you unless you get to know him.

87- "be nice to nerds. Chances are, you'll end up working for one"- bill gates.... Also, here is a psychology lesson for u, we all have a different personality type, and hence act in a certain way...nerd, or not..and my theory is, nerds are introverted,perfectionists (melancholies) mostly, so instead of going out, they study...acceptance is key here.. Also, I know this guy who likes a friend of mine, the guy isn't a nerd but can't come up with the courage to talk to my friend face to face, but over Facebook, he can tell her anything,that's how he told her he liked her.. Its just a persons nature... So don't be of the female dog nature :)

What a descending spiral of idiocy and failed redemption. This was the equivalent of a stoning in the comment section. Always enjoyable, always.

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

165-We're not thumbing down your comments because of that. We're doing it because of how ignorent you are.

Is anyone else going to start a shitlist just to put araum on it?

Well, OP just obviously dosent like him, she's just being honest in her opinion, even if it's a rude opinion...

MrSqueaky 0

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seeing as how they're probably in high school, i don't think that'll really help. and it might be a little extreme for a facebook message. nice try though.

Indeed. The young man will have a criminal record, and OP would get a reputation as a "bitch". Sort of a lose-lose situation, don't you think?

Why, because an intelligent boy thinks she's compatible with him? Bit of an overreaction, don't you think?

aruam365 24

3- I wouldn't say a restraining order was necessary but apparently no one else here thinks it's creepy to "inform" someone that you've selected them as a "mate" seemingly without much prior interaction between the two, but it is.

Michael_92 20

Why a restraining order? Whats that gonna solve. If he is anything like me he thought long and hard about sending the message. Now im not saying hes all in the clear, his wording "mate" is a little weird but seriously give the guy a break. If a nerd sees something in you that should be a good thing not bad. I say maybe her and the dude should go out 1 time to see if theres any chemisty. Wow thats my longest comment so far ha.

Unless he becomes aggressive and/or stalks you then a restraining order won't be necessary. Believe me, I know people who are better deserving of a restraining order than a boy who has a crush. Tell him "I'm flattered but not interested." if you hear from him again, then you should look for help.

desireev 17

Why are people acting this way and saying such cruel things? There is nothing wrong with having 'crushes' in high school. No matter who it is. Now we all know that if the quarterback of the football team would have sent the same exact message to OP, she would be screaming and gallavanting around acting like a fool about it. But it was a nerd who sent the message. So that makes him creepy? That's just wrong! It's a little thing called KINDNESS! Many people nowadays need to learn how to use it! My response to said nerd would have been, "I am just too flattered. But I don't see us being together. I totally see you as a study partner though! :)" (Yes. With the smiley face too!) He would get the picture. And he would be excited to help the girl he likes study and get good grades. There's nothing like praise. And when she got a good grade on a test, he would be the one she'd thank. And he would love it. :)

181-we need more people like u in this world :)

ssnowywinter 0

88- if that's polite to you, I'd hate to see you being rude.

silver848 6

Screw u. A restraining order? Really?

desireev 17

Thank you 281.. I always try to be kind and treat others the way I want to be treated. :)

LateandGreat 11

@181: So erm you're saying that not only does he -not- get to go out with her, he should also consider himself flattered that he's being used like a tool for OP's academic advancement because now he knows his rightful place in OP's glittering social life?

JJ_Rokk 10

#88 You can't "inform" somebody to **** off ;)

MatthewDmerrill 5

He prbly got hacked by a friend who was trying to embarrass him don't worry about it

fthislyfe 22

detective gadget is cartoon though. don't think we can communicate though. I mean, weird

Nebulas_n_Novas 7

Inspector Gadget...90s cartoons ftw

sidkid008 0

OP should look on the bright side. At least the guy's intelligent, a great quality to have, and he's going to be successful, unlike a lot of other people.

That's really awesome to have someone say something like that to you.

You and him must now mate together to make a generation of smart people. Or all hope is lost....

alphaskater09 9

Hey, I read your story thing on ur profile. What's ur YouTube name? I'll watch your videos.

Agreed, 28. I wouldn't be calling anyone a tool if I had his haircut!

AlaskaKid95 7

50- every time I see your picture I get hungry. :(

Wow, it's people like you that shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

Strawberry and blueberry crumble it became!

U are all tools. Any1 wanna give a haircut?

bobbycorwen 5

You must be doing it all day in high school, Ms. Superficial.

bobbycorwen 5

Also, you are a devoted Christian? I am sure your Jesus wouldn't be as cruel as you. Hypocrite.

What are you basing these judgements on? If its my picture, yes I was wearing makeup (mascara and eyeliner) but the lighting was horrible and dark, making me look much tanner and makeup-ridden than in reality. By the way I don't fake tan, if that was what you were referring to also. I went to the Caribbean for two weeks. Of course Jesus isn't as hypocritical as me (although I'm not sure how I'm being hypocritical at the moment, I know I can be sometimes), I never meant to make it seem like He is. Sorry if I offended you in any way. Hopefully you can overlook your judging for both our goods. Although honestly, all of this may just be you bashing me for believing in Jesus Christ. Either way, my belief stands firm. Have a nice day :)

Oops sorry, read your second comment wrong. My post (or reply, rather) to this FML wasn't meant to be cruel. Not trying to be that "snobby Christian girl", but you really gotta stop judging a book by its cover. You don't know me, I dont know you. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.

StormGirl142 24
GuardianxCore 0

That's the southern way of nicely saying "He's an idiot"