By Poop - / Friday 2 October 2009 01:09 / United States
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  So_Yeah  |  0

They test for bacteria present in faeces, and see where else its found. You have a whole colony of bacteria that lives exclusively in your colon, so if its found on your toothbrush there's only one place it could have come from... so unless some people have some rather odd hygeine rituals... its from the toilet.

  xenomorph  |  0

More like when the toilet is flushed, air bubbles form, and when they pop, mist is sprayed everywhere. It's as effective as Glade in a can, only instead of a fragrance, it leaves [i]E. coli[/i] everywhere. And if you close the lid, next one to open it gets it in his/her face. Best countermeasure: the fan.

  Reyo  |  2

I think a chip is inplanted into new parents that allowes them to talk about the most random ass shit at the worst time possible.
I was on a wi-fi chat with a friend from school, and after hours and hours of not saying anything, my Mom decided that THIS 5 minute interval was the right time to descuss the underwear that was washing in the washingmachine. Dear lord...

By  leggyxo  |  0

Hahahahahahahaha. The funny thing is my mom told me the same exact thing, except i wasnt chatting with a friend.
I still dont close the toilet lid.